Young Justice: Saga of Nox is the storyline of the fanfic seasons 4 and 5 of the Young Justice series. The story and titular antagonist Wilson Chan was created by Kure S. Akira and every other character is based off of the DC Comics characters of the same name.

Concept Edit

Instead of creating a season 3 based off of the Apokolips cliffhanger, Akira decided to create a whole new story that would take place after the Apokolips invasion. In seasons 4 and 5, Wilson Chan, aka Nox, decided to create his own organized crime syndicate to create a balanced world where everyone was equal in strength and intelligence. He would later aid the desire to show the world that fear ruled them instead of the justice they all believed in. Many heroes and villains who were not present or made little cameos in the tv series and comicbooks are present as either new friends of the Team or members of Nox's group, bringing a whole new cast of allies or enemies to aid or face the young sidekicks.

List of Characters Edit

Every hero and villain from the previous seasons are present in this saga along with new villainous faces.

Heroes Edit

  • The Justice League
  • The Team
  • Arsenal & the Meta-teens
  • The Forever People

New Heroes Edit

  • The New Gods of New Genesis
  • Raven
  • Cyborg
  • Starfire
  • Donna Troy
  • Redhood

Villains Edit

List of Episodes Edit

Young Justice: Dominion (Season 4) Edit

  1. New Year (Part 1)- On New Years Eve, 4 months after the Apokolips invasion, the Team is informed that a jailbreak at Belle Reve is planned for Wilson Chan's (Nox) escape. As they and the Justice League build a defense for the coming battle, they are unaware that they've fallen right into a trap.
  2. New Day (Part 2)- During a routine prisoner transport, an EMP bursts above Belle Reve and allows the the prisoners present to run amok. Meanwhile, a group of villains infiltrate Belle Reve and break out the most dangerous enemy of the Justice League, Nox.
  3. New Evil (Part 3)- With Nox free from his cell, the Justice League and Young Justice members guarding him are easily taken out while Nox makes his way through the prison and causes the biggest breakout in history.
  4. Attachments- As the blame for the Belle Reve breakout and Wilson Chan's abduction is placed on the Light and Team couples begin to hit bumpy roads on Valentines Day, a shadowy figure convinces Mister Freeze and Black Adam to team up with a few other villains to steal a crash-landed star sapphire on the Kent Farm in Smallville.
  5. Fairytales- After Doctor Sivana, Tala, El Diablo, Plastique, and Plasmas obtain the Book of Fables and release the Queen of Fables, she turns Happy Harbor into a storybook world and it's up to the Team, Dr. Fate, and the newly initiated Raven to fix it.
  6. Currents- The Team once again heads to Atlantis to prevent genetically modified piranhas, led by Charybdis and King Shark, from destroying the sea kingdom and the international coasts.
  7. Monkey See- The recently established Gorilla City, made up of former test apes of The Brain, request aid from the League when they're attacked by their former psychic-powered president Gorilla Grodd who is aided by Bizarro, Clayface, Killer Croc, and Overload.
  8. Snooze- While Kid Flash and Tigress are plague by insomnia due to overwork, Doctor Destiny, Clock King, Chronos, and The Key begin a series of time-warping heists at Waynetech Companies.
  9. Down Under- After Beast Boy plays an awful April Fools Day prank on Raven and the Team's trust and faith in each other are strained, Nightwing tries to pull them back together when Brother Blood abducts the demon sorceress in an attempt to release her father, the demon Trigon.
  10. Alley- Green Lantern Hal Jordan seeks the aid of Batman and the Team when Sinestro, Black Mask, and a so-called "Injustice Gang" are believed to be behind Wilson Chan's abduction and the distribution of yellow fear rings to the Gotham City crime gangs.
  11. Destiny (Part 1)- After Doctor Fate, Red Tornado, Captain Marvel, Martian Manhunter, and Batman are debriefed by the Team on their last mission, Nox, H'EL, Circe, Libra, Doctor Destiny, Eclipso, Doctor Psycho, Cinderblock, Plasmas, and Overload attack and infiltrate Mount Justice, where Nox does the unthinkable and removes The Helmet of Fate from Zatara just to place it on himself.
  12. Fate (Part 2)- Still trapped in the Nox-twisted Helmet of Fate, the Team attempts to find and stop Nox, Libra and Doctor Destiny from achieving whatever it is they are doing.
  13. Landlord- Nightwing officially rejoins the Team and is placed with Cyborg, Miss Martian, Robin, and Wonder Girl to infiltrate the Gotham City underworld when its rumored that the upcoming Gotham Land Auction is sparkiing a major gang war.
  14. Broken Mirrors- When H'EL, General Zod, Doomsday, and Bizarro attack Cadmus and kidnap the Genomorphs, Superboy leads Beast Boy, Static Shock, Blue Beetle, and Guardian to find them.
  15. Honeycomb- Nightwing, Bumble Bee, Batgirl, Lagoon Boy, Redhood, and Arsenal join the new alien visitor Starfire to investigate a potential alien invasion by a race of humanoid bees.
  16. Rogue's Sunday- The League and the Team have a blast celebrating Easter Sunday with the Wayne Enterprise Easter Egg Hunt fundraiser for orphans in Central City until a group of The Flash's enemies, calling themselves "The Rogues", crash the party.
  17. Archaeologists- After Queen Bee requests aid from the League and the Team when Bialya is attacked by 5 metahumans, Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg are sent to handle it and face one of their hardest trials.
  18. Contingency- When Batman's anti-metahuman computer system, OMAC, goes rogue, its up to the entire Team to stop it before it creates an army and annihilates the entire world populous.
  19. Drought- When the Team heads to the beach to get some much deserved R&R, Doctor Sivana, Calculator, Heatwave, El Diablo, and Inhuman Flame get them back to work as they attempt to use a WayneTech Satellite to burn Central City.
  20. Shadows- Talia al Ghul requests the aid of the League when Ravager, Copperhead, and Lady Shive lead a coup against her and attack the League of Shadows' headquarters in Nanda Parbat.
  21. Inner Demons- Brother Blood is back and this time he makes a deal with Neron to become an all-powerful sorcerer in exchange for releasing the Seven Deadly Sins of Man from the Rock of Eternity.
  22. Independence Day Revisited- It's the anniversary of the Team's formation and the group looks back on their past achievements, inductions, and screw ups.
  23. Intentions- The Team discovers the Dominion's plot and trace Wilson to his old factory in Metropolis, unaware that Wilson has laid a trap for the young heroes.
  24. Clean Slate- Wilson reveals and initiates his master plan to turn all of Earth's occupants into regular, powerless humans and nearly succeeds, until someone betrays Wilson.

Young Justice: Supremacy (Season 5) Edit

  1. Initiation
  2. Beliefs
  3. Mercenaries
  4. Anger Management
  5. Gods
  6. Stinger
  7. Camp
  8. Lineage
  9. Priestess
  10. Ties
  11. New Gods
  12. True Blood
  13. Wrath
  14. Travel
  15. Chill-dren
  16. Loyalty
  17. Rescue
  18. Turned
  19. Council
  20. Truths
  21. Partners
  22. United
  23. Monitor
  24. Young Justice

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