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Real Name
Current Alias

Nox, Midknight (former)



Edward Chan (father), Marilyn Chan (mother), Tanya Chan (older sister), Albert Chan (twin brother)


Base Of Operations
Fort Nox





Unusual Features
Stitched scar across face

American, [[:Category:|Taiwanese]]

Marital Status

Masters Degree in Mechanics & Bio-Engineering, Masters Degree in Ancient & Modern War Tactics


Place of Birth
[[Tai Pei, Taiwan]]


First appearance

Young Justice


Quote1 "I am the shadow that obscures the light. The force that clouds the strong. The moon that eclipses the sun. I am the darkness that will crush the Justice League." Quote2
-- Nox

Born as Wilson Chan, he grew up in Tai Pei, Taiwan. As a child, Wilson wasn't rich and grew up in a middle class family, hoping to one day make his family name great. His family was soon given that chance when his father formed his own corporation and moved the family to America. At the age of 14, his father had built a successful company that trumped all others in mechanical engineering and weapons-grade technology. Wilson used his family's money to travel the world and see what it was like. During this trip, he came across a temple hidden in the mountains of Tibet. There, he found a group of very skilled fighters and killers, the League of Assassins. He was taken to their leader, the Demon's Head, Ra's al Ghul, who decided to train Wilson in the art of killing. After 4 years, Wilson became an expert in lethal Chinese martial arts, a master at wielding many different swords, and proved to be a match for Talia al Ghul. Although he was more skilled than his fellow students, Wilson still couldn't kill people, much to Ra's al Ghul's dismay. For this reason, Wilson couldn't be accepted as Ra's heir and soon left his master to go home.

After he returned, Wilson became aware of the growing superhuman population and the rise of special prisons meant to house them, such as Belle Reve Penitentiary. He believed that superpower beings like those should have one true weakness and began studying technological sciences and mechanical creation to create a weakness for all metahumans, good and evil. When he was 20, Wilson worked with his father in Chan Conglomerate and monitored the scientists' work. The person who most interested him was Professor Anthony Ivo, an expert at cybernetics and a trusted scientist by his father. One night, Wilson saw Ivo experimenting with various Chan Conglomerate technologies to create some sort of android that was not ordered to be built, which would later turn out to be a prototype version of Amazo. Wilson, believing that Ivo had used his father for his resources without his knowledge, reported it and had him fired. He soon found a more suitable scientist to take his place and work on his idea of a universal superhuman weakness.

After 2 years, Wilson's dream was realized and a superhuman weakness was created. With special nanotechnology fibers mixed with dark matter substitute, Wilson had created a device that could nullify any superhuman, alien, and magical entity's abilities. He had dubbed it "Chanomytes", named after his family. He had it tested on a voluntary Superman, Captain Marvel, and Aquaman, which turned out to be a success. After his father made him CEO, Wilson began the first mass-production in Metropolis and ordered it to be shipped to Belle Reve. However, during the production, a vengeful Professor Ivo sent his newly formed Amazo android to sabotage Wilson's work and kill him. Luckily, the Justice League came to defeat the android, almost destroying the factory in the process. Then, during Superman's squabble with Amazo, the Man of Steel accidentally activated the Fusion device that combined the dark matter substitute and the nano-fibers while Wilson was under it holding a case of Chanomytes. The ray fused his body with the Chanomytes and turned every one of his cells into it. After the device was deactivated, Wilson was taken to the hospital and awoke to find that his body was whole yet made of a sort of dark matter. When he stuck out is right hand, a black hole formed and dragged everything in it. With his other hand, everything was pushed out and Wilson became scared. The chanomytes somehow created a new dimension that allowed him to suck things in and push them out. After having been tested on by his father's scientists, Wilson held resentment against the man who he believed caused him to become a monster; Professor Ivo.

As time progressed, Wilson was never told of how he actually gained his abilities and learned how to control them. Thinking that he could be the weakness for all super villains, he donned his own superhero identity and became The Midknight. With his powers, he was asked to join the Justice League, which he accepted. He helped them fight against many villains and invaders, even going toe-to-toe with Vandal Savage. Midknight also became Batman's right-hand, giving orders to the Team and the League. However, a few months after Savage's takeover of the league, Wilson was ordered, with Captain Atom, Red Tornado, and Green Arrow, to capture Professor Ivo, who had escaped Belle Reve, and to take him into custody again. After he found him alone in a warehouse, Ivo told Midknight of how he actually got his powers and how the Justice League hid the truth to utilize him for their own gains. Feeling vengeful towards the Justice League for not admitting their involvement in the accident, Midknight knocked out Ivo and devastated his teammates, making his way back to the watchtower. He announced his resignation from the league and his name-change to Nox (Latin for The Night) and began to defeat each league member and their reinforcements in the form of some of their sidekicks. After almost single-handedly defeating the Justice League and the Team, it was Amazo who prevented Wilson from annihilating them and fought him all the way to the Sahara Desert, where Wilson decided to slowly seek his vengeance.

With the fall of the Light and the failure of the Apokolips invasion, Nox decided to form his own organization to counter the Justice League. First, he gained the loyalty of the notorious hero hunter Prometheus and planned who he would recruit to join him. He then had Prometheus gain the assistance of other powerful villains to stage a breakout in 3 major prisons. These prisons were Belle Reve, Arkham Asylum, and Blackgate. After willingly being incarcerated into Belle Reve (as a condition for his help during the Apokolips invasion) and being kept in a white-walled cell 6 stories below the main prison, Prometheus was put into a catatonic state by Martian Manhunter and locked away in Blackgate according to Nox's plan. The only person he spoke with in prison about this was his old friend, Talia al Ghul, who told Batman of his devious plot. In response, the league set up a huge guard within and without Belle Reve: Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Superboy, Miss Martian, Aqualad, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Zatanna, and Bumble Bee watched over the main gate and Captain Atom, Green Arrow, Dr. Fate, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Black Canary, Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, Blue Beetle, Artemis, and Kid Flash guarded Nox's cell.

All going according to Nox's plan, Killer Croc, Mammoth, H'El , and Charybdis were being transported to Belle Reve. As they were getting off of the transport truck, an EMP signal rigged by Gizmo was launched across Belle Reve and allow the 4 to cause mass destruction and distract the leaguers and young justice members at the gate. As the prison was in a storm, Circe, who had been one of the villains recruited by Prometheus, used her magic to teleport herself, Sinestro, Deadshot, the Calculator, Mordru, and Solomon Grundy into the prison to release Wilson and find villains to recruit. While the Calculator was hacking Wilson's cell, the other villains distracted the heroes to the point where Nox escaped and took them all out by himself.
Chanomytes 2

Nox's New Found Ability

During his confinement, Nox learned how to physically become Chanomytes and had everything that hit him phase right through his body, like sand. He used this ability to become intangible to Green Arrow's artillery. However, it was later shown that he had to mentally turn himself into Chanomytes and that he couldn't do it instinctively, as Black Canary was able to physically kick him by surprise (albeit Nox wasn't naturally phased by it). He went throughout the prison and released a few super-criminals, some being Mr. Freeze, Black Adam, Ultra-Humanite, Cheetah, and Bizarro. Nox broke down the main gate, brought the villains around him and announced his plan to defeat the Justice League and show the world that it wasn't justice that ruled the world, but fear. As he was making this speech, the League received news that Arkham Asylum and Blackgate had also experienced jailbreaks led by Black Mask and Gorilla Grodd respectively. Nox then used his black dimension to teleport him and the villains away and escaped. He later met up with Prometheus, who, with the help of Doctor Destiny, was able to get out of the catatonic state that he was put in and named the heads of his newly formed "Dominion of Fear". He chose the people who both countered the Justice League and played major roles in the breakouts of Belle Reve, Blackgate, and Arkham. From Belle Reve, Wilson chose H'El (for Superman), Charybdis (for Aquaman), and Circe (for Wonder Woman). From Arkham, he chose Black Mask (for Batman). Finally, from Blackgate, he chose Gorilla Grodd (for The Flash) and Doctor Destiny (for Martian Manhunter). With his own organization full of resources and authority trumping The Light, Nox decided to strike out at the league both physically and mentally, using other villains to do their dirty work and associating themselves with other-worldy beings to claim victory.

During Nox's grand scheme of covering the Earth with his chanomytes to make all of Earth's dwellers genetically the same, Gorilla Grodd betrayed Nox and gavehim a big scar across his face with a blade made of artificial chanomytes. Since he was used to being impenetrable, Nox's psyche became delusional, causing his chanomytes to shoot out in all directions. He was able to retain his cool and escaped with the help of Doctor Sivana and Solomon Grundy, but was unable to save Black Mask and Charybdis from being captured by the League along with Grodd. With three spots available, Nox found suitable replacements; Talia al Ghul, who led the League of Shadows since her father's defeat and had the expertise to match Batman, Professor Zoom, who could match the Flash's speed and intellect with his own, and Kamo, a Hawaiian deity of great strength to deal with Aquaman. Stitching up the scar on his face, Nox decided to move to plan B.

In this new scheme, Warren allied with the Thanagarians and collected items from Earth for their invasion and created androids for the Thanagarians to use in their war against Rann and Earth. He also gained the aid of Queen Bee Zazzala of Kroll and a possessed Raven from the Teen Titans. As the war between Thanagar and Rann raged outside and on Earth, Nox and his dominion were asked to meet with the Thanagarian commander after the heroes of Earth dealt them a crushing defeat. During that meeting, Raven betrayed the dominon and the Teen Titans and Young Justice teams attempted to catch the two forces in a trap, just as they did with the Light and the Reach. However, Warren knew of their little plot and used the dominion's resources to allow Trigon to possess Raven to attack her allies. He also reprogrammed the Thanagarian's androids to betray them and attack both sides. He then fled with his dominion and activated a string of natural disasters around the world, all while meeting with his true partner, Brainiac.

He gave the robot control over the android army and brought together the Kroll Army, the Sinestro Corps, Trigon's Army, Intergang, the League of Shadows, and the Religion of Crime to combat the Justice League's allied forces.Towards the climax of the battle, Warren, his dominion, and Brainiac were met on the Brainiac mothership by the 7 original members of the Justice League and the 6 original members of Young Justice for a final battle. Though Brainiac and the dominion seemed to have an advantage, Warren came up from behind and stabbed the android with his hook, absorbing his collected program, power and knowledge. Whilehe felt like he was becoming invincible, Nox suddenly felt an eerie feeling. In agony, his chanomytes formed a sort of black hole that engulf him in a different substances. In the end, Warren had been possessed by the Anti-Monitor and tried to destroy the Multiverse.

After the Heroes and Villains of Earth came together and wiped out Anti-Monitor from his body, Nox was incarcerated in a new holding cell in the Watchtower with 24 hour surveillance shared by each of the 7 original members of the Justice League.


Nox wears a black suit vest, a green scarf, gray pants, a black fur coat draped over his shoulders, and a golden hook on his left hand. He has slick-backed black hair and tannish skin. He always wheres rings on his right hand and has a lit cigar in his mouth.

Powers and Abilities


  • Dark Fiber Manipulation: Nox is made of and has control over his Chanomytes, which classify as dark fibers. With this ability, Nox has the power to negate the abilities of other superhumans. He also never ages, gets hurt, or sick. After his years in Belle Reve, he learned how to become intangible by changing his body into particles of Chanomytes and has partially overcame his weakness, since he needs to change his form mentally instead of instinctively.
  • Power Negation: Nox has the power to negate the abilities of other superhumans.
  • Teleportation: Utilizing his new dimension, Nox is able to travel through darkness.
  • Invulnerability: Wilson's chanomyte body prevents him from receiving major and minor wounds.
  • Decelerated Aging: Because he is made of chanomytes, Wilson lacks the aging process of humans and can keep the same facial features for centuries.
  • Superhuman Durability: He can't be harmed by normal means.
  • Regeneration: Nox can regenerate parts of his body that have been removed or dismembered by regenerating his chanomytes. This was drastically seen when Gorilla Grodd betrayed Wilson and cut off his left hand and it grew back disturbingly, causing his chanomytes to shoot out in all directions.
  • Self-Sustenance: After the accident, Wilson's cells were changed into chanomytes, allowing him to feed on his own body for nutrients.


Wilson learned lethal assassin training from his time with League of Shadows.

  • Tactical Analysis: By getting an idea of his surroundings, Wilson can create and predict strategies used by him or his opponents.
  • Swords Master: Wilson mastered the use of East Asian swords while under the League. His favored sword style is that of the Chinese Han Jian.

Strength level

Power to nullify all superhuman & magically-powered superheros & villains, immortality, eternal youth, & eternal healing due to Chanomytes




  • Book of Fables
  • Dreamstone

Transportation: None known.

  • Sword
  • Hook


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