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The Ultari

The Ultari

The Ultari

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The Ultari



Base Of Operations



150-250 lbs


Pale to dark brown

Number of Limbs

Number of Fingers

Number of Toes

Unusual Features
slanting eyebrows, and pointed ears, and they were generally tall and slim. Their most distinctive features were bright markings on the sides of their heads and yellow cat-like eyes.




Place of Birth

First appearance



The Ultari or Ultarians are the indigenous people of the planet Thessia beyond the Outer Rim. Ultari were naturally strong with the Force, which they believed to be a form of magic. The Ultari lived isolated from the rest of the Galaxy, after suffering a severe defeat by the Empire. This remained the case until the Justice League heroes, Nolan Hawke and Gwen Tenas rediscovered their planet. The Ultari were defeated and their planet conquered by the Empire. The Planet was freed and the Ultari joined the Cooperative.

Although most Ultari renounced warfare, a select few chose to become dedicated to defending the Ultair when the Un'Saial returned. They formed a brotherhood of warrior monks known as the Justicars. While most of the Ultari used the Force to achieve spiritual enlightenment, the Justicars honed their race's natural talents to hone their bodies to become lethal weapons. They used archaic weapons such as swords or spears instead of the modern weapons used by The Royal Guard.

Biology and Appearance

The Ultari looked very similar to humans. But, they had noticeably angular features, slanting eyebrows, and pointed ears, and they were generally tall and slim. Their most distinctive features were bright markings on the sides of their heads and yellow cat-like eyes. The Ultari had inhuman strength and speed, which may have been due to their natural connection to the Force. Ultari generally lived to about 300 years, retaining their youthful appearance well into their lives. Ultari healed quickly and were immune to disease or poison.

Powers and Abilities


Ultarian Physiology


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.


Habitat: Humid jungle and wetlands environment.
Gravity: Heavy
Atmosphere: Oxygen-rich atmosphere
Population: Population of this race is unknown.


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: Advanced: The Ultari possess the ability to develop high-end energy tools and weaponry but preferred using archaic weapons such as swords or spears as well as flying conveyances capable of both atmospheric flight and/or space travel.
Cultural Traits: The Ultari are a deeply religious race. Their beliefs dictate all actions in their lives. The Ultari worship a deity called Ithilnir (which translates out to All-Father) and believe that they are his chosen race, made in his image. They saw their natural affinity for the force is seen as evidence of this. However, Ultari Religious Texts do not dictate that the Ultari are superior to other races. They believe that it is their duty as Ithilnir's first children to educate other races about his existence.


  • No special notes.


  • The Ultari not really a DC Universe race but a fan fictional StarWars one. This DC version is almost the same.

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