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The Rouges is terrorist organisation led by Leonard Snart aka "Lt. Cold"


After awaking from his 6 month coma in hospital prison, Leonard Snart develops ice powers and now call himself Lt. Cold, he breaks out. He decides to create a group called The Rouges. After recruiting old member of his Seal team and some people from jail, they decided to break into a DARPA weapons container which contained weapons created by Ray Palmer aka Micron 1, and now they use their weapons to destroy The Flash and Team Flash.


- Leonard Snart aka Lt. Cold

Leonard was an ex stuntman and former Navy Seal who ended up clashing with The Flash reformed The Rouges to do heist and other criminal activities. (Before he got his powers) His weapon of choice is the HC41 Cyrogun (NOTES- This weapon works via a cyro engine which converts air into ice by freezing the molecules in the air and at the same time projecting them forward onto the intended target). He now as a version on his bike.

- Micky Rory aka Heatstroke

Micky was Leonard's childhood friend and former Navy Seal team member, he became a criminal and decided to join The Rouges as a favor for Leonard. His weapon of choice is GV231 Flamethrower (NOTES- This weapon works the same way the HC41 Cyrogun with the exception of fire).

- Clyde Mardon aka Weather Warlock 

Clyde grew up being second for everything, his brother Mark got all the attention until the day Clyde killed him. For the next 8 years Clyde grew up with the prison system and when he got out he was recruited by fellow cellmate Leonard Snart who was look for another recruit for his group. They broke out together. His weapon of choice is FGK9 Nano Gauntlet (NOTES- This weapon works by a nano- injected polymer which ejects a barro- kinetic charge which causes the effects of rain, hail, heat, lightning, tornadoes which he could use for assisted flight.)

- Samuel Scudder aka Mirror Monarch 

Samuel Scudder was a prison guard at Belle Reve Correctional Facility who helped Clyde escape prison. Sam was secretly working for Leonard Snart and was eventually worthy enough to join his ranks. The night The Rouges stole a DARPA weapons container he was given the last weapon. His weapon he was given was the MM213 (NOTES- This weapon works by duplicating a pre scan of the subject and and projecting them as holographic images around a small space.)


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