Jay Allen Edit

Biography Edit

Jay Allen was the son of Bartholomew Allen II (Bart Allen). He was born in the year 2065 to Bart Allen and Miranda Taylor, Bart was 17 years old when Jay was conceived but Bart was unaware that Miranda was pregnant and gave birth to Jay just before Bart died. Jay inherited his fathers speed through Genetics and his powers started manifesting during puberty, when jay used his speed for his first time he told his mother out of shock and Miranda explained everything to Jay from his namesake to his grandfathers true identity. Jay was amazed when he found out that his grandfather and father were The flash. He kept his powers a secret and used them for his own personal gain until he was 16 that is when he took of after his ancestors and became The Flash !

Eobard Thawne encounter and Death Edit

9 years into jay's carer as the Flash when he was 25 he was in the middle of fighting Joker (Terry Maler) with Jason wayne's son Tommy Wayne (Batman) when himself and Tommy saw a speedster Speed out of a wormhole. Jay chased after it until they stopped. Jay confronted him with his knowledge of he Reverse-Flash and Eobard Thawne but Thawne got confused with Jay for Barry and revealed that he travelled to this time by accident but said ''I still enjoy familys getting ripped apart'' and an epic battle between the speedsters took place but Thawne rushed off back to Barry Allen's time. After that Jay never encountered thawne again. Jay had an amazing run as the flash but passed away by sacrificing himself for the world when the anti monitor returned. Personality: Jay was a Happy and kind hearted person He possessed a short temper though Edit



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