This is a LEGO movie featuring Batman and Superman.


Batman and Robin are chasing Two-Face.

Batman: Stop right there!

Two-Face: Never!

Then, Batman throws a Batarang at Two-Face's foot, and he hits. Two-Face falls on the ground.

Two-Face: That hurt!

Robin: Your going to jail.

Some later, back in the Batcave...

Robin: Look Batman, Superman saved a whole town in Peru!

Batman: Hmmmm...

Robin: Your jealous!

Batman: Why should I be?

Next morning, in Metropolis...

Clark Kent: I'm ready for work.

Lois Lane: Why are you going so early, honey?

Clark: For if something happens - you know, a job for Superman.

Lois: Oh...

While Clark is walking to work, he passes a man on the street, selling magazines. On the front page of one is Lex Luthor. Clark buys one.

Clark: Luthor... What is he planning now?

He starts reading.

Clark: A new free Wi-Fi connection for your mobile, that's free and reachable in the whole city? He must be planning something... He's always up to no good...

A man passes by, talking to a woman.

Man: That new Lexcorp moblie Wi-Fi is fantastic!

Woman: I know!

Clark: ???

More to be added soon!

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