The Batman Season 6 is the sixth season of The Batman tv series. Next: The Batman Season 7

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Characters Edit

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Villains Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. An Faces of Two Pt. 1:  
  2. An Faces of Two Pt. 2:  
  3. Burned Out!: Batman remember after Wayne Industries made a cure of Garfield. He become Firefly, once again and time time, he kidnap Robin and Batgirl and challenge Batman to a duel. Note: This episode is start how Garfield back to normal before the episode, "Rumor".  
  4. Everything is Wonderful:  
  5. Fear Itself: When a new villain named the Scarecrow uses a gas which being everyone on fGthaom to being their worst fear to live, even Batman and Robin's worse fears, the death of their parents and haunt them. Now, the twos must fight their greatest foe with Batgirl's helps.  
  6. And Justice for All: Lex Luthor being in Sinestro, Shadow Thief, Mirror Master, Cheetah, Count Vertigo, and Joker to formed together as the Injustice League. Batman decides to go with the Justice League.  
  7. Batman in Wonderland: While on patrol, Batman and Robin gets hit in the head. Once they awake, they finds themselves what its seem to appears be an Wonderland like-world which they must find a way out which the Mad Hatter refuse to let them go.  
  8. Do Jokes and Riddles Mix Together?: When Joker and Riddler break out of Arkham after they sick and tired of the Bat Team defeated them., they decides to team-up to destroy Batman, Robin, and Batgirl, once and for all. Meanwhile, Alfred force Bruce to go on a date with Vicki Vale.  
  9. Enter: Deadshot: Sick and tired of Batman and Robin always foiling his heists, Rupert Throne hires the world's most deadilist assassin, Deadshot to take down the Dynamic Duo.  
  10. The Spirit of the Demons: 
  11. Cat's Fight:  
  12. The Attack of the Batman Revenge Squad! Pt. 1: Joker, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, and an new villain named Electrocutioner formed together as the Batman Revenge Squad as they plan on getting revenge on Batman for always foiled their plans for taking over Gotham City. However, Electrocutioner gets turn into an electric monster and drain all of the electric in Gotham City.  
  13. The Attack of the Batman Revenge Squad! Pt. 2: As the Batman Revenge Squad continues their rampage on Gotham, Batman calls in Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Green Arrow to stop the villains when they get members such as Penguin, Cluemaster, Poison Ivy, and Killer Moth. Note: Cluemaster lose a lot of weight and uses a costume based on the comic book version.  

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