The Bat Man of Hamilton Hill High is an ongoing series published by DC, meant to serve as both a re-telling of Batman's origins in a more modern setting. As well as making Killer Moth into a main character, the series also ties in numerous other DC characters to the Dark Knight's backstory. It takes place primarily in Gotham City and the local high school, Hamilton Hill High.


  • Bruce Wayne/The Batman - An affluent student in his 3rd year at the school, his parents were murdered 2 years prior, which compelled him to don a mask and fight crime using tech he either built himself, or purchased through the black market/Iceberg Lounge.
  • Cameron van Cleer/Killer Moth - A much poorer student, who is bullied constantly for his colorblindness and sexuality. He swears revenge and dedicates his life to stopping crime in a much more violent fashion. Similar to Batman, much of his equipment comes from the Iceberg Lounge, but how he managed to afford it is currently unknown.
  • Dick Grayson - Bruce's best friend and track star. He used to sleep over at Wayne Manor for weeks at a time before Thomas and Martha were killed, since his parents are usually off working for Haley's Circus as trapeze artists.

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