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Teen Titans (Earth Magna)

Official Name
Teen Titans

Team Identity



Base Of Operations
Jump City

Team Leader(s)
Nightwing, Robin (Tim Drake)

Current Members
Starfire, Troia, Flash, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Kole, Arsenal, Supergirl, Kid Flash (Bart Allen), Static, Nightstar, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Miss Martian, Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Terra (Atlee), Ravager (Rose Wilson)

Former Members
Terra (Tara Markov), Jericho (Joseph Wilson), Red Hood (Jason Todd)

Batman Family, JLA, JSA, Outsiders, Legion of Superheroes

Deathstroke, Fearsome Five, H.I.V.E., Church of Blood, Darkseid, CADMUS Labs, Vandal Savage, The Reach, Trigon, Royal Flush Gang, Crime Syndicate

Place of Formation
Jump City


First appearance



The Teen Titans are a team of teenage superheroes fighting for truth, justice and the last slice of pizza. The team started out with Robin, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash in an attempt to gain independence from their mentors, but soon with the addition of Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven, they prevented an alien invasion and established themselves as the official heroes of Jump City.

Precursors to Greatness

Teen Titans - Sidekicks Unite!

The history of the Teen Titans starts during Darkseid's second attempt to invade Earth, and the third attempt to make Superman his pawn. While Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the other heroes who would come to form the Justice League of America faced Darkseid head on, the ruler of Apokolips had sent his parademons on a secondary invasion within Gotham City.

When news of the invasion in Gotham reached the press, it spread like wildfire, but Wonder Girl and Kid Flash, who were left alone, decided to help out fight back against the invasion in Gotham. While Batman and Catwoman were out with the rest of the major heroes to defeat Darkseid, Robin had hijacked the Batmobile in the attempt to use it as a tank to take out most of the parademons, but was not as proficient as driving cars as he was to riding a motorcycle. He, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash then finally met for the first time once they had gathered together. Robin and Wonder Girl suggested that they work together to take out as many parademons as possible to aid the GCPD, and the three sidekicks became fast friends soon afterwards.

The three teens would team up months later to fight back against the Atlantean Invasion of Metropolis. While the JLA focused on stopping Ocean Master, and Aquaman was preoccupied with Black Manta, the sidekicks met up with two Atlantean teens who were fighting back against Ocean Master: Garth and Tula, who'd later become Aqualad and Aquagirl. They were grateful for the help, but the threat ended when Cyborg revealed that Orm killed his mother, the queen of Atlantis.

Formation of the Team

With the outbreak of the Thanagarian Invasion and imprisonment of the Justice League, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Robin met up outside of Keystone City, at a gas station, as Robin was filling up the R-Cycle. Donna had run away from home once again to find out more about the outside world, Wally had used his super speed to run out of the house before his parents could ground him, but for Robin it was another story. Dick had finally gotten fed up with living in Batman's shadow, and so decided to leave Gotham. Kid Flash, eager to team up with his best friend, eagerly volunteered to go solo with Robin, as did Wonder Girl, who argued that they made a formidable team. And so they set off for the West Coast intent on striking out on their own.

On arriving in Jump City, California, Robin, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash met up with Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven when Starfire came to Earth and started going on a rampage. After a brief, yet fierce battle, in which the Boy Wonder may have felt that he met someone who could best him, Raven cleared things up that she was trying to escape her shackles. Robin helped free Starfire from her chains, and she kissed him shortly thereafter to learn English, warning the heroes to leave her alone unless they wanted to die. The ex-sidekicks and the others teamed up to find her and later fought against her alien captors, the Gordanians, who sought to imprison Starfire and make her a slave for the Citadel. Shortly after defeating the Gordanians, The Justice League had just caught wind of their actions, after having prevented the Earth's destruction. Robin, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash stood up to their mentors, resulting in Batman granting them permission to operate out of Jump City, independently from the Justice League. Once the League had left to begin construction on The Hall of Justice, the three teenage heroes met up with Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire, and then formed the Teen Titans.


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Transportation: T-Jet




Nightwing's Motorcycle
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