The Swarm Suit was an armor created by Bruce Wayne for Marcus "Mark" Wayne. The armor itself was composed of a shifting nano kinetic metallic mix of titanium plating and Kevlar composition which could be shed and re-adorned to his person on command via voice activated computer A.I, with a built-in cloaking feature giving him total invisibility. The titanium plating is on his chest, shin, and forearms via gauntlets. Everything else is Kevlar. His helmet also has "some" titanium on it. His symbol is of a skinnier bat based symbol that has darkened images of multiple wings around the bat like figure. His helmet also has filters and a zoom feature, it is also water-proof, and has a built in re-breather. It is also able to hack radio waves of police officers so he can over hear their conversations.

He can eject select elements of the armor which quickly reformed when dispersed into a swarm of bats that can be use for spying or as attack drones.


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