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Quote1 My entire life I was trained to be a killer, I've killed more men then most contract killers, much less a 12 year old child.....i'm done killing. Quote2
-- -Mark upon Batman asking if he still wanted to be an Assassin.

Mark was one of the first in the Ragnarok project, which was a private hidden government program funded by multiple organizations around the world such as russian programs, the league of assassins,Lex corps.etc. Usually abducting kids from birth and training them to kill all hostiles from normal civilians to meta humans training them as soldiers and assassins. They undergo intense mental and physical training to endure anything a meta could throw at them. Mark being a slow learner and and being one of the youngest was extremely fragile. Eventually all of his training would sink in. He became one of the brightest and realized assassins being able to beat multiple module programs. He gained increased strength via serums and some resistances to poisons and toxins and increased mental strength and fortitude. When Mark turned 10 members of Ragnarok thought to test his abilities would determine how effective he could be and how he could shape the future of Ragnarok.

He was assigned to assassinate commissioner Gordon during a speech in Gotham city near the police department on a GCPD anniversary based event. He carried a sniper rifle and aimed for the commissioners head. One shot was all that was needed. Batman interrupted before he could pull the trigger offering him help and reaching at his hand. Mark aimed the gun for Batman's skull as he just stood there. Batman stood in silence then after a few seconds asked "is this really what you want? To be a murderer? I can help you... But you have to meet me half way....please...don't do this" reaching his hand out once again. Mark dropped his gun and sobbed harshly and immediately broke down then Batman covering him. Batman exposed the Ragnarok project with all of the funders leaving the program to die off and denying any connections with it. Batman asked what Mark what his name was but he didn't have one. All he was known by was a number it being 1311811....Bruce(batman) formed the name mark from those numbers. He then gave him the last name Wayne.

Alfred wasn't sure about adopting him and didn't think normal therapy would work. He would stay up in the middle of night thinking someone from the project would assassinate him for betraying them. Batman considered him to become a Robin then left the idea as he was trained to be too much of a lethal fighter not only that was he had a consistency to go into a beserker mode. Batman had took some time off as batman to meditate with him and use tai chi practices to help clear his mind and teach him acceptance of his reality both past and present. At the age of 16 he decided to become Swarm to help batman due to the constant crime all over Gotham at night so he decided to usually look over Arkham Asylum to reduce prison break out rates.

He was never able to connect to people at his school at the Gotham academies usually staying to himself until he met the love of his life Brittany Cortland who was an extremely popular girl in his school. She saw him alone and decided to talk to him and Mark became her best friend and was someone she could say anything to. Knowing each other since 6th grade they stayed friends up until present day and into their junior year, both of them being 17 years old.

He was later the first one to be recommended into the newest branch of the Justice League known as, The Brotherhood of Justice. He was also made the leader because of his genius mind and tactical planning. Also he had the most experience out of the new recruits.


Mark is an African American, dark brown skin toned 5'11 male with dark brown eyes and has dreads he usually wears in a ponytail that goes down to his upper back. He also has a very ripped average build.

Powers and Abilities


Swarm possesses no known superhuman powers, but instead relies on his physical conditioning, acrobatic prowess, and keen detective skills taught to him by the Ragnarok project and Batman himself.


  • Peak Human Condition: Due to training with Batman and the Ragnarok project, Swarm is in pure peak physical condition. His strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and endurance is higher then that of an Olympic athlete. Being trained by the Ragnarok project, the league of assassins and batman he's gained a multitude of fighting styles. He isn't at peak human levels yet but he can contend with peak humans, low level super-humans, and defeat untrained meta's. He can bench over 400 pounds, leg press over 1000 pounds. He has enough stamina and endurance to fight for long prolonged periods of time. His reflexes are fast enough to dodge arrows shot by Green Arrow and even manage to barely catch one. He is fast enough to give chase to speeding cars. He has enough durability that would allow him to endure more punishment than an average human. And he is a accomplished acrobat but not quite on the level of someone like Nightwing.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Due to his training, Swarm is well versed in hand-to-hand combat. Able to dispatch multiple enemies in both armed and unnarmed combat. He was able to was able to match and defeat Bane in combat. He was even able to match Nightwing, defeat both Jason Todd and Damian Wayne and held his own against Batman.
  • Martial Arts: Due to his training, Swarm is a master of multiple different forms of Martial Arts. Often preferring to beat his enemies down and use counters if they start to get the upper hand. His fighting style revolves around striking at your opponents weak points and disabling them and is heavily improvised. It consists of Baguazhang, Capoeira , Kali/Eskrima, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.
  • Genius Level Intellect: He has vast knowledge of different fields. He often shows this when in use with his Detective skills. He was intelligent enough to build his own "Swarm Cycle" build and program a Tech Glider.
  • Investigation: Swarm has been taught how to analyze situations and to process and perceive things much faster then normal people. He was even smart enough to deduce the fact that Superman is Clark Kent, and Green Lantern is Hal Jordan without Batman telling him anything. He can also tell if someone is lying by their body language, unless you are a completely comfortable liar.

Strength level

Mark has the strength of an Olympic weight lifting athlete, able to bench 400 pounds, and leg press 1000 lbs.


  • Vulnerability to Mortality: Despite being in peak physical condition, Swarm is still just a normal human. He is not a superhuman in anyway. So he is still susceptible to anything normal humans are to.



  • Swarm Suit
  • Utility Belt: Swarm has a black utility belt that only he can unlock. The belt contains his own modified version of batarangs he calls "Bat Knives", two foldable short swords, mini bombs, an EMP, and a grappling hook device he can shoot from his wrist.


  • Swarm Cycle: The Swarm Cycle is a custom made motor cycle made by Swarm and Batman, it is equipped with two machine guns on the front wheel.


  • Escrima: Swarm fights with two Eskrima sticks and is very capable with them.
  • Short Swords: He also fights with two foldable short swords.
  • Bat Knives: Swarm created little bat-like knives modeled after the batarangs, he has several types. Like electric shock, knockout dark, grenade etc.


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  • Marcus was suggested to be the next Robin and even passed the Robin test, which is avoiding Batman for an entire day.
  • Because of his last name "Wayne", people mistake him for being Bruce Wayne's biological son. Bruce tells them he is his adopted son.
  • While it is never directly ordered or stated, Swarm is the leader of the Brotherhood of Justice. He is also the smartest, and most tactile of the group.{{#if: |

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