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Shadowclaw or Shadow Wolf



Real Name
Katy Airi Mei Nevada
Current Alias
Shadowclaw or Shadow Wolf

Prowler Of The Night,Shadow, Fluffy, Batmom, Mama Dragon



Justice League (Currently), Dragon Force (Former Leader/ Currently), Mystic Warriors (Currently), Batfamily (Currently)

Amaterasu (Ancestor), Yuki Mei (Mother/Deceased), Jason Nevada (Father/Deceased), Unnamed Grandparents (Deceased), Yuki's Parents (Unknown), Seth and Jet (Uncles),Samantha Grace and Wendy Colton (Aunts), Jason Allen Jr. and Ashley Nevada (Cousins), Haku (Adopted Mentor Deceased),Thomas Wayne (father-in-law, deceased), Martha Wayne (mother-in-law, deceased), Rune (Close Friend/Adopted Brother), Bruce Wayne (Husband), Dick Grayson (Adopted Son), Jason Todd (Adopted Son), Tim Drake (Adopted Son), Damian Wayne (Adopted Son),Cassandra Cain (Adoptive Daughter) Terrence "Terry" McGinnis (Son), Firestar (Pet/Companion), Hell Cat (Soul Bond/Partner)

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Base Of Operations
Watchtower, Batcave


4'2 (Child) 5'7 (Teen) 5'9 (Adult)

Brown, Blue (In Animal Form)

Black, White (In Animal Form)

Unusual Features
While transformed she has a catlike appearance and "catty" personality, with fur, claws, pointed ears and a tail.


Marital Status

Adventurer, Animal Trainer,Singer,Dancer, Justice League Member


Place of Birth

First appearance


Quote1 "Ever since that day I never trust men never had never will" Quote2
-- Shadow to Batman

In her civilian life, Katy Mei worked as an Animal care taker at the Zoo. She sometimes go to dance classes or Singing.

Early History

Katy is the daughter of an African-American police officer Jason Micheal Nevada and the famous Kunoichi and Princess Yuki Airi Mei, she was born in Japan but move to Central City in the America. She was trained by her parents at age two since she was a quick learner at the time.

When she was four years old, her parents died when the evil scientist killed them in her home. When she on her own for days until she got caught by the same mad scientist and some men and was kidnapped by them, she was experiment by them by the next day.

Three years after being experimented on and was forced to fight and kill other victims,she had manged to escape killing some in the process and rescued some of the prisoners. She grew hatred of the scientists and the men who killed her parents.

After the incident, Katy deiced to move to Gotham city and live in the streets in her dog form and decided not to trust humans nor anyone.

She was friends with a old dog name Haku and young dog Rune who are two strays and taught her ways to live in the streets. They became her second family.

One night when she was on her own (Few months after Haku passed away form sickness and Rune was adopted by a human family.) She saw a building on fire, she was about to move on until she heard a little girl's parents screaming saying that their daughter and her puppy is trapped inside.

Katy without thinking rushed into the building with her fast speed, rescuing the young girl and her puppy returning them to her parents before running off into the alley. Ever since that day she promise to help, protect and fight crime.

Then when she was around seven years old she was reunited her uncles, when Seth was patrolling around the city, he spotted a group of teens messing with a seven year old girl, he was about to stopped them until the young girl fought them and he was amazed what he saw. He went to arrest the teens, then he looked at the young girl and had recognized her by the girl looked like his brother's daughter who presumed dead.

He asked what was her name and when she answered, "Katy Mei" Seth remember that last name and was shocked that he found his long lost niece at first she didn't remember him and when gave her the picture of him,his brothers,sister-in-law and her. He explained that he thought she was dead because of what happened three years ago.


Shadowclaw, real name Katy Airi Mei, is commonly known as "Prowler Of The Night" and the founding member of the Justice League. She a superhero from Tokyo Japan to Gotham. Apart from her animal shifting powers, Katy's most significant qualities were her stealth ability and her down-to-earth, quintessentially human nature—qualities that many said made her along with The Flash the "Second heart of the Justice League".

Rise Of The Shadows Series

Coming soon

Powers and Abilities



Elemental Control


Peak Human Condition

Strength level




Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Shadow Teleportation . Frost (Her Dragon)
Weapons: Swords


  • No special notes.


She likes to sing and dance (Only in private)

Her Middle and Last name comes form her mothers side so

"Airi" Means in Japanese: "love, affection" and "white jasmine" or "pear"

Mei Means in Japanese: "beautiful"

Its Possibly that her mother has shape shifting powers like her father.

She is Japanese/American since her Father his American and Her Mother is Japanese.{{#if: |

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