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Real Name
Richard John Grayson
Current Alias




Teen Titans, Batman Family, JLA

John Grayson (father, deceased), Mary Grayson (mother, deceased), Bruce Wayne (surrogate father), Starfire (wife), Mar'i Grayson (daughter)


Base Of Operations
Gotham City, Jump City






Marital Status

Acrobat, Adventurer, Hero, Teen Titan, Vigilante; formerly Sidekick

High School


Place of Birth


First appearance



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-- Nightwing

Batman VS Robin - Nightwing Cover

Richard "Dick" Grayson, is a vigilante in the Batman Family and the first to carry the mantle of Robin. At the age of 20, he outgrew that mantle and, inspired by a Kryptonian story he heard from Superman, took up the mantle of Nightwing, while Jason Todd and Damian Wayne had succeeded him as Robin. He is the mentor of Tim Drake, the current Robin while in Gotham. Nightwing is a member of the Justice League of America, but he is mainly known as being co-founder and leader of the Teen Titans. He is the husband of fellow Titan, Starfire and the father of Mar'i Grayson, alias Nightstar.

The Flying Graysons

Dick was a 9 year old acrobat, part of a family troupe of trapeze artists called "The Flying Graysons" that performed for Haly's Circus. Trained in acrobatics since birth, Dick joined his parents on the wire at a young age, and proved himself as a real prodigy acrobat. One Fathers Day, while on tour in Gotham City, Dick overheard crime boss, Antonio "Tony" Zucco, a small time but feared crime-lord, threaten the circus owner/ringmaster, Jack Haly for protection money for his drug trafficking business. Haly refused, but Zucco vowed that he'd regret it. That night, however, young Dick watched in horror as the trapeze cable snapped, and his parents fell to their deaths. Gotham's own billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne was in the audience that night, along with ex-dominatrix and wildlife reserve owner, Selina Kyle, and they witnessed the Graysons' deaths that night, which left Dick alone crying on the trapeze platform. Young Dick blamed himself for what happened, as he failed to warn his parents in time.

A Boy becomes a Hero

Shortly after the tragedy, Dick met Bruce, who had paid for the Graysons' funerary costs and immediately decided to adopt the boy as his surrogate son. Dick was instantly excited, but also sad about living in Wayne Manor. Excited in that he'd be living as the adopted son of Gotham's leading philanthropic industrialist, but also sad because he was leaving the Circus, who had always been like a family to him. However, Dick grew frustrated by the lack of attention that he received from his surrogate father. Alfred Pennyworth, who acted as Dick's surrogate grand-father, lectured Bruce on being a better father for the boy, despite the fact that the latter was obsessed with both solving a case of murders connected to his former ally, Harvey Dent, AKA Two-Face, as well as searching for Zucco. Alfred also hung up a potrait of Dick's parents in the study, next to the one of Thomas and Martha Wayne over the fireplace, which Dick slept in front of after having nightmares which kept him awake. It was this habit that led him to find a bat stuck in the grandfather clock in the study. However, upon freeing it, Dick managed to find the hidden entrace to the Batcave. Shortly after finding the cave, it didn't take long for him to realize that his surrogate father was Batman. He also learned that Batman was going after Zucco, who murdered his parents and had it look like an accident. Enraged Dick insisted that he should track the man down. However, Bruce, fearing for the boy's safety, refused to place his surrogate son in danger.

Batman managed to track Zucco down to the circus, but the mob-boss caught the Dark Knight off guard and tied him to a knife-throwing board. However, Dick used the Batcomputer to track both Batman and Zucco down, and made a costume out of his circus costume and pieces of body armor that Bruce had ordered as a teenager. He then arrived at the big top and stopped Zucco from killing Batman, but in his anger and frustration, he got carried away, beating the mob boss to a bloody pulp, but even he knew that killing Zucco wouldn't bring his parents back.

Dick then apologized and cut Batman loose from his bonds, telling his surrogate father that he wanted Zucco to get "justice" from the law. Batman, impressed by the boy's code of ethics, saw a reflection of himself in Dick; he could temper compassion with a thirst for the justice he wanted all criminals to see, and thus made him the offer of a lifetime: a chance for Dick to become his partner; Dick, in honor of his late parents, chose the name "Robin". They swore an oath late that night in the Batcave that they would fight together against crime and corruption and never swerve from the path of justice. On that night, for the first time in his life, Batman realized that he was no longer alone in his crusade against crime.

Robin's origin is very similar to Batman's, in that both witnessed their parents murdered as a result of crime and corruption, thus creating the desire to symbolically avenge their deaths, this created both a bond and mutual understanding between the two.


Robin - Dick Grayson

Robin's first mission involved battling "The Hangman" beneath Gotham City's sewers, and later in the Batcave against Two-Face and the rest of Batman's Rogues' Gallery. Dick even took out Batman's crazed arch-foe, the Joker, with a single strike from his bo-staff.

Dick enjoyed his first year as Robin, thinking of it as an adventure, until a second confrontation with Two-Face, when he had captured both the new District Attorney and Batman, suspending both from a gibbet in the classic "double gallows death-trap." Robin, in an attempt to save the D.A., used a birdarang to cut the noose. Yet Robin failed to account for Harvey's obsession with all things duality. It was a double-edged sword, and the area of the floor the D.A. landed on turned out to be a trap-door. Harvey flipped the switch, and dropped his replacement into a tank of water below, causing the poor man to drown. Robin once again blamed himself for being unable to save someone, and thus was beaten to a pulp with a baseball bat by Two-Face. However, Batman was able to free himself and apprehended Harvey. Unfortunately, this event traumatized Dick, and still haunts him to this day. Rather than see Dick be further subjected to torture, Batman "fired" Robin, sidelining him for a time.

This, however, created a rift between the two that never fully healed for years. So, Robin left the manor, leaving with him a note informing Bruce that he quit for the time being. However, Black Canary and Catwoman managed to find him, and after hearing out his story, agreed to take him in as their own partner, mainly because Catwoman had worked with Batman many times in the past before Dick became Robin. It was during that time, Robin also met and became fast friends with Roy Harper, AKA Speedy, who had run away from his own mentor, Green Arrow, and come to Gotham to seek out Black Canary's advice.

This, however, led to Dick's first encounter with one of Green Arrow's foes: Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke the Terminator. By that time, Deathstroke forced Green Arrow to choose who among his allies would live: either Black Canary or Speedy. Ollie chose neither, which led Slade to raise his sword in an attempt to kill Speedy, but Robin intervened and saved his new friend, leading to a fight between both the Boy Wonder and the contender for World's Greatest Assassin. During the fight, Dick used a birdarang to gouge out Deathstroke's right eye. From that day on, Slade vowed vengeance against Robin for gouging out his eye, and for besting him in single combat.

After this fight against Deathstroke, Batman, with the advice from Catwoman, re-hired Robin as his partner, and took down Two-Face once more. Thereafter, Robin became Batman's semi-regular partner, continuing to work with him on a limited basis, but also dividing time between crime-fighting and high school. However, as the years passed, the rift between him and Bruce deepened. After dropping out of high school at the age of 15, since he saw that the education system was rigged and hypocritical, Dick decided that it was time for a change. A surplus leftover from some mergers that Wayne Enterprises made with failing competitors, as well as a trust fund set up for him by the circus would keep him aloft forever. Unfortunately for Robin, the last straw was when he discovered that Batman knew that his then the girl he had a crush on, Barbara Gordon, was Batgirl, and never told him. Robin finally got fed up with living in Batman's shadow, and left quit being his sidekick forever.


Shortly after he left Gotham, Robin met up with his two best friends who he knew since Darkseid's second attempt to invade Earth: Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash. They also ran away from home, but for their own reasons. When Robin stated that he was going solo, Kid Flash eagerly agreed to accompany his best friend along for the ride, as did Wonder Girl, stating the fact that together, the three of them made a great team. Robin, reluctantly, agreed to let them accompany him, since they all just went solo, and it was better for them to fight crime as a team rather than individually.

By this time, a Thanagarian force had invaded and occupied Earth, and captured the Justice League. So Robin and his friends made a B-line for the West Coast, which the Thanagarians left unguarded. Soon, they found themselves in Jump City, California, which seemed to be a tropical paradise, complete with palm trees, citrus groves, wine vineyards and a rich history. Yet it was also ridden with crime and corruption. Their chance to stop a bank robber, however, led to something larger than life when they encountered an alien girl who just landed downtown. This soon led to a brief fight between the two, in which the Boy Wonder felt he'd met his match, but was aided by Wonder Girl and Kid Flash in the fight. The three heroes then met Beast Boy. Cyborg and Raven in the chaos. Raven suggested that fighting the alien girl wasn't the answer, and thus Robin freed her from her shackles, and she kissed him deeply in return, in order to learn English, promptly warning the Boy Wonder not to follow her, unless he and the other heroes wanted to die. Robin, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash teamed up with the other three teens to rescue her from the aliens that were after her, the Gordanians, freeing her and saving Jump City from destruction in the process. The three ex-sidekicks then stood up to their mentors and declared that they were ready to prove themselves as heroes. They were granted independence as a team, and given their own plot of land: the island in the bay off the coast of Jump City. Shortly after this, they met up with Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven and the alien girl, who revealed herself as Starfire, and not long after that, the seven of them formed the Teen Titans.

The Teen Titans

Robin discovered his self-worth as the leader of the Teen Titans, as it helped make him realize that he had grown up: He no longer relied on Batman and, in fact, he and the Dark Knight disagreed on crime-fighting methodology. His newfound independence and Titans' duties in Jump City also helped establish himself as a leader and as his own independent hero. When the Titans first moved into their new home that Cyborg, Beast Boy and Kid Flash set up, they were all stunned, immediately amazed by how wonderful Titans Tower looked. Robin even let Starfire try some proper Earth cuisine, mainly it was sushi and pizza, and he also let Wonder Girl try her very first pork bun, since she never had Japanese food before. The Titans all saw this as a way to try and get to know each other better.

Their first fight was against the enigmatic Mister Twister, eventually defeating him which renewed their faith in each other. After their encounter with him, The Teen Titans later went on a campout in Yosemite National Park where they shared their personal back-stories, except for Raven, who was hesitant about sharing her past with her teammates. However, the campout brought the Titans closer since they understood where they came from.

Perhaps the Titans' hardest challenges, and the ones that put Robin's skills as a leader to the test were against both Deathstroke and Trigon. Deathstroke resurfaced to enact his vengeance on Robin, and made sure that it was made to affect all of the Titans as well. When a 14 year old girl named Terra met the Titans, it presented the opportunity for the Titans to add a new member to the team. However, Robin was deathly suspicious. When he realized that Deathstroke returned, he was shocked, but told the Titans about him to ensure that they'd be ready for the mercenary. During the battle, Terra lost control of her powers, and that's when Robin figured out that Terra couldn't control her abilities to control the Earth. He offered her membership on the team, but told Terra that she should train to control her abilities. Enraged, mostly at Beast Boy, she left. Robin later told Beast Boy that he didn't know she kept it a secret. Terra returned and was later made a member of the team once she demonstrated the ability to control her powers. Yet it was later revealed that Terra was actually Deathstroke's double agent within the Titans, trained to infiltrate and kill them so he could take out his revenge on Robin. Despite this, the Titans survived with the help from Roy Harper, who by now took up the mantle of Arsenal, as well as Deathstroke's own son, Jericho. This led to the final confrontation with Deathstroke and Terra, in which she turned on Slade, but lost control of her powers, triggering a volcanic erruption. Terra stayed behind to stop it, sacrificing herself. Before her soul went to the afterlife, she told Robin that Starfire needed him, that she was still happy to have been a Teen Titan, and asked that when people asked about her, she should be regarded as a hero. Robin agreed and watched as Terra's soul went to the afterlife before joining the other Titans and comforting Starfire, with whom he eventually fell in love.

When Raven's father, Trigon made his arrangements to free himself from the pit the Titans had trapped him in during their first encounter, Robin and the Titans were protected from joining the damned by Raven's power. However, their first attack on Trigon failed, and they began to give up hope. Yet Batman, who'd been off planet for a mission with the Justice League, told them that Raven could be saved, but two of them needed to go to Hell to save her, while the rest had to keep Trigon occupied. Robin and Starfire volunteered and accompanied the Dark Knight straight into Hell. At first, Robin was a little more than tense, since he and Batman still didn't see eye-to-eye on many things, but once they reached the 9th circle, Robin and Starfire were left on their own. There, they found Raven at the center of Lake Cocytus, reverted to a little kid, but made their way back with her to the surface to stop Trigon. Robin and Starfire's selflessness allowed Raven to regain her confidence and banished Trigon back to Hell, turning all the Earth back to normal.

Dick was deeply affected both by Barbara Gordon’s paralysis by the Joker, and by the fact that Batman trained a new Robin, Jason Todd, only for him to be seemingly killed at the hands of the Joker and his henchgirl, Harley Quinn. Yet over time, he went back to being on good terms with his mentor, as he and Starfire traveled to Gotham City, where they helped Batman defeat Amazo and track down Red-X.

His relationship with Starfire was strained temporarily when she joined Lex Luthor’s team of government supported superheroes, but it was restored when he shielded Batman from an attack by Major Force, which put him out of action for some time. Starfire, assuming her boyfriend was dead, then was opened to the truth, that Luthor had been using her. However moments later, Robin recovered just in time to head to Japan with Starfire to aid Superman and Batman and to help destroy a Kryptonite asteroid that was heading towards Earth. After Luthor had infiltrated and broken into their hideout in Japan, Batman voluntarily entered the rocket, attempting to sacrifice himself to destroy the rocket. Since Luthor was partially responsible, Robin was now infuriated and beat the megalomaniac to a bloody pulp using mechanized gauntlets, fighting both for his adoptive father and the fact that Luthor made his girlfriend cry.

Once Luthor had been taken to Arkham Asylum for rehabilitation, Robin and Starfire headed back to Titan’s Tower, where she was welcomed back with open arms by her teammates. A few weeks later, Robin was requested by Wonder Girl to help protect Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, as well as train her to help her control her powers. Darkseid then struck again, this time to make Kara the captain of his guards. In reaction, Robin summoned every available Teen Titan as well as Batman, Catwoman and Superman to attack. However, the attack was only a diversion for Darkseid to capture Kara and brainwash her. Determined to bring her back, the heroes decided to go to Apokolips, where Robin and Superman teamed up to take out a brainwashed Kara and brought her back to Earth after Batman had activated Darkseid’s hell spores. After Darkseid had returned to Earth to see the death of Superman, Robin and the Titans arrived again to Kara’s rescue. A few hours later, Robin then accepted Kara, who was now the heroine, Supergirl, as an official Teen Titan.

A year later, Robin was having nightmares involving Deathstroke the Terminator. Following a report about Talia Al-Ghul heading to America from Syria, Robin led the Titans to Gotham City to investigate. Aside from having a nice romantic date with Starfire at The Iceberg Lounge, Robin also had a run in with his half-brother, Damian Wayne, who was the illegitimate son of both Batman and Talia. The two even had a scuffle that wound up with Damian being defeated and Dick winning, but suffering some scarring from the sword Damian had on him. Realizing that their old friend, Slade had taken over the League of Assassins, Robin and the Titans headed over to Scotland where they assumingly put an end to his schemes once and for all.


By the time he had reached age 20, Dick effectively passed on the mantle of Robin to Damian and decided to become his own hero. Helping him through these hard times were the Titans, especially Starfire, whom he had started living with. Using new Waynetech armor and the blue eagle symbol from an acrobat suit that his late father had worn in his days as an acrobat, Dick remembered an old story he heard from Superman about a man from Krypton who had been expelled from his family and became a vigilante fighting for justice. Inspired by the name of the vigilante, Dick took on the name for his new hero persona, Nightwing, and would continue to lead the Titans as Jump City’s official heroes.

Upon taking the mantle of Nightwing, Dick relocated to Bludhaven with Starfire, where they acted as part time protectors when they weren’t fighting with the rest of the Titans. There, they also started working with Barbara Gordon, Dick’s former love interest and the first Batgirl, now going by the alias of Oracle. Dick’s relationship with Barbara was further strained by this, but they remained close friends. Dick also found out more about his past, that Haley’s Circus was involved with an organization called the Court of Owls, and he was to be their next assassin, known as a Talon, but his fortunate adoption by Bruce prevented that nightmare from coming true. With this knowledge in mind, Dick learned that the court took Damian hostage, using him to get to Bruce and Selina. Luckily, Nightwing was met with little opposition, only by Talon who fled after getting into a fight with him. Dick then proceeded to rescue Damian and took him back to his compound. Nightwing, Starfire and Robin then agreed to save Batman and Catwoman from Talon’s grasp. After the Night of the Owls, Dick took Damian in under his wing and trained him into becoming Robin, thinking that Damian would learn best under his tutelage, which proved to be true.

Joining the Justice League

After helping Batman in an encounter with the Royal Flush Gang, Nightwing and the Titans were able to free the JLA from the machinations of Vandal Savage, who had altered Batman’s contingency plans on the League so that they’d all be killed. Using footage from the Batcave security cameras, they tracked Savage down to the Legion of Doom’s base in the Louisiana swamps where they thwarted his plans to destroy half of humanity alongside the Justice League. As a result, the Titans were then accepted as full time members of the Justice League by unanimous consent. However, this was shortly followed by Batman quitting the League. Nightwing confronted his adopted father, asking him about whether or not he was so arrogant to make a plan to stop himself, but Batman stated that his plan was the Justice League. Satisfied, Dick handed Batman the same Kryptonite bullet Metallo had used to shoot Superman before watching him teleport to Gotham. It was after this point that he proposed to Starfire, to which she happily accepted to become his wife.

As an independent hero, Dick moved with Starfire to New York, where they led a very happy life together. He also aided Batman from time to time. Both he and Starfire were present, along with Damian, now Robin, when Joker was about to demolish half of Gotham with a bomb hidden in Harley Quinn’s mallet. Nightwing and Starfire aided in stopping the breakout at the Asylum before going back to aid Batman and Catwoman.

The Arkham Riots

When Joker broke into Arkham Asylum one night to create a horrible army to destroy Gotham, Batman and Catwoman contacted Nightwing and Starfire via a radio feed, as they were defusing what Joker claimed to be bombs that were spread out all over Gotham. Nightwing was later captured by the Joker's thugs and taken to the Visitor's Center.

There, he was tied up by the Joker and revealed to Batman and Catwoman when they entered the Joker's Throne Room. The Joker planned to turn Nightwing into a Titan monster, by using a dart gun that he pumped full of TITAN. However, Batman jumped in the path of the dart, and subjected himself to the formula. However, he was quickly able to cure himself. As soon as Starfire showed up, Nightwing was able to free himself and went to Batman’s side to help him take down TITAN Joker.

After his mentor's horrific night at Arkham Asylum, Nightwing alongside Starfire, Catwoman and Alfred continued to help with uncovering dirt on Hugo Strange; although Batman said it was too late knowing that Strange probably had a backup plan. Dick and Starfire also entered Arkham City themselves a couple of times, in order to see what Strange was up to.

During that time, Nightwing went with the Titans to Arkham City to deal with their old foe, Deathstroke, who had been hired by Hugo Strange to kill Batman. However with a combined attack, they succeeded in defeating him, and they even freed Damian from Poison Ivy’s control.

The first time he and Starfire ended up jumping into a fight with Harley Quinn after seeing them jump some inmates for their meds. After easily defeating her gang, they faced off against Harley and easily defeated her, then quickly rushed back to the Batcave thinking that no one noticed their presence inside the massive super-prison.

Shutting Down Arkham City

Dick’s role as a hero would be put to the biggest test when Charles Cavendish established the super prison, Arkham City. Nightwing informed Batman about the Abramovici twins, whom he heard stories about when he was still a child acrobat. Later, As Batman was looking for Ra's al Ghul by following one of his Assassin's blood trails; he was ambushed by three of the Assassins. Just as things were looking dire for Batman, Nightwing showed up catching the Assassins off-guard and flooring them with a few quick swipes of his staff. The lead Assassin, who had a sword at Batman's throat, told him to get Nightwing to stand down, even though he said he could take her. As the Assassins vanished, Batman chastised Nightwing for getting involved, insisting he had it under control. He then asked why Alfred sent him, to which Nightwing explained that he was worried about him, and the fact that Damian had been turned into a miniature version of Joker. Nightwing then gave Batman the Line Launcher as he was given a vial of Joker's Titan-infected blood. A little while after Batman left, Starfire arrived asking Dick what was wrong. Nightwing told his fiance everything, from Damian's transformation at the hands of Joker to the fact that millions of people were on Death's doorstep. Immediately, the two lovers flew off to track down every last bit of Joker's blood.

Moments after tracking down the blood in the hospitals, Nightwing and Starfire were contacted by Batman, who'd been temporarily cured by Ra's Al-Ghul in Wonder City, via drinking waters from a Lazarus Pit in Gotham. Both Dick and Star told Batman that Joker's blood could be in about 2000 people by dawn, and soon after would be when the first fatalities would be expected.

When Strange activated Protocol 10, Nightwing and Starfire stayed behind at Wayne Manor, calling in the rest of the Titans to help fend off the TYGER Guards, who'd been sent to kill Batman's allies, but the Titans defied the odds and sent them back.

After Protocol 10 failed, Nightwing and Starfire went back to check on Black Mask, finding him trying to escape and apprehended him. It was around that time that they received news of the Joker's death. Once Arkham City was shut down, Nightwing and Starfire accompanied Batman, Catwoman and Oracle, where they buried the Joker's corpse deep beneath Arkham Asylum.

The Big Wedding

After the chaos from Protocol 10 and Arkham City's reintegration into Gotham City, Nightwing and Starfire were finally able to get married. The wedding was a private affair, held in Gotham Cathedral, since Tamaran was too far away. The entire Justice League was present for the event, as were the Titans. Cyborg, Beast Boy and Flash acted as Nightwing's groom'smen, while Troia, Raven and Kole were among Starfire's bridesmaids. Oddly enough, unlike at Green Arrow and Black Canary's wedding, there were no supervillains interrupting the ceremony, as not even Two-Face or Deathstroke would be that heinous enough to attack a church. When Nightwing and Starfire emerged, they were husband and wife.
Nightwing and Starfire - Husband and Wife

Married Life

Not long after their wedding, both Nightwing and Starfire decided to take some time off fighting crime by going on their honeymoon in the Bahamas. Dick loved it because he was able to get away from the chaos in Gotham for once, and Star was reminded of her home planet. They stayed in the Caribbean for two weeks until Dick got a call from Batman regarding some trouble, and the honeymoon came to an abrupt but proper end. Needless to say, Dick accomplished all that he wanted to for his honeymoon with Starfire. Batman told Nightwing that a team of metahumans called the Crime Syndicate had come to Earth from a parallel one, and had broken into the Watchtower. Nightwing and Starfire came just as they witnessed Superwoman beat Batman to a pulp, following her to the parallel Earth that the Crime Syndicate was from. There, they learned from a heroic version of Lex Luthor that the Crime Syndicate planned to use the Quantam Trigger for their great bomb,the Q.E.D., which Superwoman confessed that Owlman was planning to use to destroy Earth Prime, thus killing everyone who ever lived.

Eventually, the Justice League tracked down the Crime Syndicate to their Lunar fortress, but Owlman already went to Earth Prime. Luthor, Batman and Johnny Quick decided that the fastest route of action to find Owlman was for Johnny to vibrate fast enough to open a portal to Earth Prime. Batman however, suggested that Catwoman, Nightwing and Starfire accompany him, since he was going to need all the help he could get, but just didn't want to admit it. The Batman family followed Owlman to Earth Prime and fought him head on. It was very difficult, since the Dark Knight appeared to have met his match, but Nightwing and Starfire were able to contribute to his defeat. When they returned, the multiverse was safe, although Johnny Quick died because he vibrated so fast that he aged much faster than ordinary humans. The Crime Syndicate was then apprehended and the Justice League returned to the Watchtower. Afterwards, however, Troia revealed that Starfire was pregnant, much to Nightwing's surprise and excitement.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


Peak Human Condition

  • Leadership: Nightwing is a brilliant and seasoned team leader, with superlative team skills. He has been leader of both the Titans and the Outsiders. Additionally, Nightwing's efforts to remain in contact with various heroes make him a master of rallying, unifying and inspiring many superheroes. He's been able to successfully lead the Teen Titans as Robin, and later as Nightwing, because he was Batman's partner.

Strength level

Due to his time as Robin, training both under Batman's tutelage and as leader of the Teen Titans, Nightwing possesses the peak human strength of a man that has intense physical workouts at the height and weight of 5'10" 175 lbs. He is able to lift at least twice his own body weight; enabling to press lift 350 lbs.


None known.



  • Utility Belt
  • Intense weather-resistant Nightwing Suit: Like the Batsuit, Dick's Nightwing suit is made of a version of the Nomex fire-resistant, triple-weave Kevlar-lined material. It is an excellent protection against damage, and it's also electrically insulated. Instead of a black cape for stealth, the suit is light sensitive, darkening when there is more light in the area. The costume has a stylized eagle across his chest and back, with "wings" across his shoulders, with colorations on his gauntlets and two middle fingers over a black torso and legs. However, there is a trade-off. Dick's costume has less protection in some areas than the Batsuit, but this is a reflection of his speed and agility that he displays while fighting.
  • Jika-tabi
  • Grappling hooks


  • Wingcycle


  • Eskrima Sticks: Twin fighting sticks used as close combat weapons.
  • Telescopic Bo-staff: Nightwing's Eskrima Sticks can be combined to form a bo staff with electrified ends. This has always been his main weapon ever since he was Robin
  • Wing Dings
  • Birdarangs: A knockoff version of batarangs, but with a bird theme to them, these are Nightwing's main projectile weapons, which he can use to disarm enemies, or as makeshift knives. They can also be merged together, in order to create a sword that Nightwing uses against magical and demonic enemies.


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