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Peter Erfan
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Terrorist, Mad scientist, Spy

College Grad.

He was behind the viral agent that effected Painkiller Jane and killed her teammates in Chechnya.

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Quote1 Jane you are the new Eve. Quote2
-- Lucas Insley

Background story

Peter Erfan was a biochemical terrorist with a genius IQ. He created a virus, a biochemical weapon that a Special Forces unit, known as the Painkiller Unit, was exposed to while on a mission in Sovetskaia, Chechnya. After attempting to retreat, the entire unit is ambushed and executed by a group of armed men in protective hazmat suits. One member of the unit, Captain Jane Browning, not only survives the execution, but recovers from the viral infection, and develops an abnormally rapid healing factor, increased dexterity, speed, strength, enhanced senses, mental abilities and a photographic memory. Her eyes enlarge to take in and process information at a hyper-normal rate, and her mind reorganizes what she has seen into analytical logic, such as plotting out a chess game and recognizing patterns in the type of a magazine article. She is taken to a US Army laboratory where scientists are trying to learn what happened so they can create an army of super-soldiers. The lead scientist who is helping to find out why she survived and changed when the others died is Dr. Graham Knight.

Unknown to her or the army at the time, the real Dr. Graham Knight is dead and replaced by Erfan, who what to known what Jane did to his virus. While pretending to be her friend and doctor, he secretly extracting vial of liquid from Jane. Erfan refers to her as the new Eve, as something in her body altered the virus and then the virus changed her. This is why she survived but the rest of her unit did not. Erfan has been able to recreate this modified virus and already gave it to the assassin.

Erfan tries to kidnapped a knock out Jane. Erfan has her handcuffed in a helicopter and is taking her away. She breaks out of the handcuffs and starts fighting with Erfan. Shots are fired into the console of the helicopter and the assassin, who is piloting, loses control of the helicopter. This causes Erfan and Jane to fall out of the helicopter and they wrestle with each other while falling toward the water below.

A group of Asian gentlemen walking into a laboratory and meet with Lucas Hensley who apparently survived the fall unharmed. He holds a vial of green fluid, the genetic material for the enhancement virus in solution. The implication is that Erfan took the serum himself, in order to survive the impact with river and he will soon be creating an army of superhumans for the unnamed Asian business partner.

Powers and Abilities


Drug Enhanced: Thanks to the serum he has an abnormally rapid healing factor, increased dexterity, speed, strength, enhanced senses, mental abilities and a photographic memory.


Erfan was specializing in biochemistry, bio-pharmacology and bio-toxicology.

Strength level



  • Power Limitation:He needs to take his drug,"the serum" everyday or he will loss his powers. The healing power does not stop the injuries from hurting.
  • Drug Addiction


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


Peter Erfan while pretending to be Doctor Knight, when confronted by Jane, he reveals that he is Captain Lucas Hensley and is with military intelligence. He is undercover and investigating her superior officer, Col. Ian Watts. Hensley tells her that Watts created Erfan and used him as the perfect cover. Since Erfan didn't exist then he couldn't be caught.


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