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Real Name
Current Alias

Adrian Blackwood
Master of Shadows
God of Darkness
Leery Fox
The Devil Himself
Mr. Your Worst Nightmare
Shadow Wraith




Ranis Anarith (father)
Cairenn Anarith (mother, deceased)
Ramil Anarith (brother)
Dahgmar Anarith (brother, deceased)
Caeill La'Aziz (sister)
Rais La'Aziz (brother-in-law)
Cara La'Aziz (niece)
Aestra (soul mate)


Base Of Operations
Ace City





Unusual Features
Dual colored eyes (green and blue)


Marital Status

Ambassador, Adventurers


Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 Life is like an illusion in many ways - unpredictable and full of surprises. Yet, there is one difference; illusion's harmless. Quote2
-- Overshadow

Adraen was born as the second oldest child in the Anarith family, the first oldest being his brother, Ramil. Adraen also had a younger sister Caeill and a brother Rathis, who unfortunately died few days after his birth.

Early years

Already as a youngster, Adraen showed his rebellious attitude. The Anarith family was one of the six Ancient Houses, that ruled on Faerenn. While Adraen's brother, Ramil, was tutored by their father to become the perfect Lord Anarith and Caeill, Adraen's sister, dreamed about being the Lady of one of the Houses, Adraen did everything to agitate his family. While Ramil talked only with other heir's to the Ancient Houses, Adraen hung out with some questionable company, which soon lead him to the troublemaker path.

Adraen was simply jealous; ever since he was a toddler, Adraen was treated by his parents as if he wasn't there. The boy was sure that it had to do with the fact his brother was to receive lordship from his father when he became an adult. The only friend Adraen had was Caeill. She was really kind, though far too naive, even for her age.

The turning point in Adraen's relationship with the rest of the family during one of the so called "House Meetings", when all six Ancient Houses gathered together to eat a quiet dinner and discuss everything that concerned politics or the houses in some ways. During the dinner, Adraen and Ramil got into a fight. Adraen got really angry and, unknowingly, unleashed the soul controlling powers that he gained as the Gifted One. A shout and a scream later, Ramil was lying on the floor, cold, unmoving.

Although Ramil survived, he was in a critical state. The relationship between Adraen and his family was really bad ever since - even Caeill was standing against Adraen, her friendly features replaced with a cold, stony mask whenever their eyes met.

A few nights later, a fight began with Adraen and his father being the biggest and most furious participants. After that fight, Adraen ran away from home, living on the streets ever since.

Joining the Shadows


Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength: Adraen possesses phenomenal levels of supernatural strength. Thus, he is capable of many feats that normal people wouldn't achieve, e.g. lifting cars with ease, crushing metallic objects or pushing aeroplanes with little to no effort. Overshadow was even evidenced to throw Superman into a building, something that not many could do.
  • Superhuman Speed: While nowhere near to the speed the likes of Flash can achieve, Adraen is still very fast. Overshadow moves at speeds superior to those of any normal human. His maximum speed is expected to be around 70 mph, though the full limit is unknown, even to Shade himself.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Overshadow has a drastically enhanced reaction speed. His reflexes are superior to those possessed by vampires. Adraen is able to dodge bullets, or catch falling objects. It is also easier for him to predict his opponent's moves because of his reaction speed.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Overshadow's body is highly resistant to the build-up of fatigue toxins in his blood, allowing him to be physically active for considerably longer periods of time than a normal human being.
  • Superhuman Durability: Adraen's bodily tissues are strongly fortified, making him far tougher and more resistant to injury than a normal person. While he can be injured by things like knifes or swords, Overshadow can still withstand powerful impacts and damage that would prove lethal to a normal human being.
  • Superhuman Agility: He is far more agile than any normal human being, allowing him to dodge weapons and strikes that would be sure to hit him were he a normal person. Adraen is also capable of many acrobatic stunts and feats that would be impossible for an average person.
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Self-Sustenance: Overshadow's physical needs are greatly reduced, though not removed; Adraen still has to eat, drink or sleep, yet can live without doing so for two/three weeks.
  • Divine Grace
  • Decelerated Aging: Once reaching his prime, which is around 21 years old, Adraen stopped aging physically, still maintaining a body of a 21 year old while being much older.
  • Invulnerability
  • Magic: As an Faerennian, Adraen is able to control the all-present form of energy, commonly known as magic. Although he is able to do many things with magic, from levitating objects to conjuring creatures from other realms, he is most adept in the branch of magic known as the Dark Arts, thanks to sharing a soul with the Mistress of Darkness, Aestra. He's also quite good at creating illusions and Mind Magics.
  • Soul Manipulation: Adraen is the Gifted One and that grants him the ability to control, mainly absorb, and detect other people's souls. The chance to absorb someone's soul is calculated by comparing the 'strength' of Adraen's soul to the 'strength' of his enemy's soul. The strength itself is based on many aspects - experience, will or psyche.
  • Darkness Manipulation: Adraen is able to manipulate the darkness, shadows and everything that is connected to darkness in some way. Overshadow is able to become a shadow himself, create such shades, generate dark energy and even blanket whole cities under a coat of darkness.
  • Madness Projection: Adraen is able to drive people crazy by accessing their minds and oftenly showing them horrible memories and scenes that they should have never seen.
  • Fear Projection: Overshadow is capable of inducing fear into his victim's mind. It's very useful during interrogations for Adraen doesn't even have to do anything besides sitting next to the victim.
  • Summoning
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Psychokinesis
  • Regeneration
  • Soul Bond: Adraen shares a part of Aestra's soul due to a ritual, thus making them soul mates. They are able to hear each other's thoughts, speak through their minds and feel each other's emotions.


Strength level



  • Vulnerability to Light: Adraen is vulnerable to light. Of course, artificial light (electricity, light bulbs) and natural light (Sun) doesn't count. Only magically created light is able to weaken him, sometimes even kill him.
  • Vulnerability to Water: Water is believed by Faerennians to be a symbol of Light Arts, as opposed to fire, which is supposed to represent Dark Arts. Although he is able to wash himself (though his powers are still visibly weakened for an hour or so), Adraen cannot swim, he also doesn't like to drink water.



  • Overshadow's Armor - a suit that Adraen made for himself. It consists of a black robe with a hood, a fur coat that covered his right shoulder, while the left shoulder is protected by a silvery armlet. His forearms are covered with two iron bracers. A leather belt is wrapped around his waist - it's were he hides the throwing knifes, potions and other accessories. In addition to that, Anarith wears a pair of leather boots, material trousers and a red shirt.

Transportation: None known.

  • Alaeid and Gùlainidh - twin swords that Adraen always carries with him. They can be called longswords when it comes to the length, though you can handle them with one hand, contrary to most longswords which need both arms. Adraen made them himself a few days since he left The Shadows. Gùlainidh, in Faerennian "the bear", was sacred by Aralleth, the Goddess of Light, while Alaeid, "the wolf", was blessed by Aestra, the Goddess of Darkness. Ever since, Gùlainidh had the ability to create magical barriers and shields with a mere swing of the blade, while Alaeid was able to poison Overshadow's enemies.


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