The Osaka-Style Batsuit is the Batsuit used by Batman Inc representative Shota Kurasawa.


Is capable of directional flight and Neuromuscular amplification.

Support Powers


  • Flight capabilities: The wearer can fly in the suit which possesses the power of flight through the manipulation of gravity and magnetic forces.
  • Life Support: The suit has internal reserves and a filtration/recycling oxygen system. Allowed flight at high elevations and long distances. If the armor is breached, it releases anti-radiation foam to protect the user.
  • Superhuman Durability: Providing protection from explosions, gunfire, electricity, and most forms of physical and energy attack.
  • Helmet:The helmet possesses a retractable one-way visor.
  • Heads-Up-Display: On the inside of the Helmet. Integrated with a radio communicator.
  • Invisibility: Suit can become invisible to the human eye and undetectable to the electromagnetic spectrum. Allowing the wearer to disappear and reappear out of nowhere for a set period of time..
  • Wall Walking:  He can walk on the floor or walls without gravity affecting him. 





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