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Nightshadow's Buster Bunker

Nightshadow's Buster Bunker

Nightshadow's Buster Bunker

|200px|center|Nightshadow's Buster Bunker]]
Official Name
The Type 4 Military Mobile 'Bunker Buster'
"Buster Bunker"

Vehicle Type
Aircraft; Spacecraft



Vehicle Details

Current Owner

First appearance



The Type 4 Military Mobile 'Bunker Buster' was formerly the terrorist flag ship, it stolen by a unnamed Markovian. He modified it and now uses it as a vehicle for his alias, Nightshadow.

There is almost nothing the Nightshadow's Buster Bunker cannot accomplish. It is able to exceed speeds of mach 10 in less than three seconds, stop immediately, hover and fly sideways. It has at least three types of modes: Resting, Active, and Camouflage.

Weapons: The hull of the "Buster Bunker" can extrude over fifty different weapon packages.

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