Night of the Bat is a fan series created by User:TakeshiWatanabe.



In this story, Bruce Wayne (Night of the Bat) had a fallout with his son, Damian Wayne (Night of the Bat) after a mission the two had planned in advance went wrong. Since Damian was so angry, he was willing to drop the Robin mantle and decide to distance himself from his father.

Nightwing synopsisEdit

Since Bruce Wayne received a severe concussion from his latest detective case, Dick Grayson returned to Gotham City after initially deciding to relocate to New York.


Red Hood synopsisEdit

Jason Todd has currently been hunting Joker and also going on a gang war against Roman Sionis aka Black Mask.

Blackowl synopsisEdit

Red Robin synopsisEdit

Robin/Spoiler synopsisEdit

Officer Wayne/Agent Batman synopsisEdit

Batman synopsisEdit

Shadowcrow synopsisEdit

Kasumi synopsisEdit

Red X synopsisEdit

Red X was an alias used by a few members of the Batman family and others. The current Red X is described as being a self-serving and merciless outlaw who is known to form short-lived alliances and eventually betraying those he temporarily aligns with. This Red X is apparently aware of Batman's identity and is willing to use this information against him regardless if Batman switches to Bruce Wayne.

Red X was last seen forging an alliance with Lex Luthor.


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