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Real Name
Koriand'r Grayson
Current Alias

Kory Anders, Koriand'r Grayson, Kory Anders-Grayson



Teen Titans (Earth Magna), Batman Family, JLA

Myand'r (father, deceased), Luand'r (mother, deceased), Komand'r (sister, estranged), Ryand'r (brother), Bruce Wayne (father-in-law), Richard Grayson (Husband), Mar'i Grayson (daughter)


Base Of Operations
Gotham City, Jump City





Unusual Features


Marital Status

Adventurer, Princess, Teen Titan; formerly Model

Private Tutoring, Warrior Training


Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 "I am sorry to disappoint you...but I am stronger than I look!" Quote2
-- Starfire

Koriand'r is the princess of Tamaran, in the Vega System and the heroine known as Starfire. She is a founding member of the Teen Titans, as well as a member of the Justice League of America. After marrying her long time boyfriend and fellow Titan, Nightwing, she became a member of the Batman Family, and is the mother of Mar'i Grayson.

Royal Upbringing

Starfire was born as the second daughter of King Myand'r and Queen Luand'r of the tropical planet of Tamaran, within the Vega star system. Her older sister, Blackfire, was supposed to be heir to her father, but when she was born, a priestess of X'hal foretold that if she was made queen, then she would only bring about great suffering and misfortune for Tamaran, so the line of succession was passed to Starfire. As children, Starfire, Blackfire, and their baby brother Ryand'r enjoyed a happy and carefree life, while learning all the duties of a ruler. Yet then, as if overnight, Tamaran was attacked by the Gordanians, who wanted to raid Tamaran for the surplus of crops as well as to enslave the populace.

Though the Gordanians were defeated in the end, King Myand'r was forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. He sent Ryand'r to the farthest reaches of the Vega System, so the Gordanians wouldn't find and kill him, and both Starfire and Blackfire were sent to Okaara to train under the planet's famed warlords.

First Taste of Heroism

Starfire and Blackfire trained for 4 long years on Okaara, so as to prepare for when the Gordanians next would attack, and they were trained in all forms of hand-to-hand combat, and were even taught how to utilize their powers of flight, superhuman strength and the ability to use starbolts. Yet while they were there, the two sisters met Hal Jordan and Kilowog of the Green Lantern Corps, who had come to Okaara to find the Orange Lantern Battery, believing they could use it to defeat a great evil known as The Anti-Moniter: a robot that was so powerful that it could accomplish anything, even time travel.

Starfire agreed to help the Lanterns on their mission, only to find that the battery was controlled by Agent Larfleeze, the last and sole surviving member of the Orange Lantern Corps. The battery infected Hal's mind, corrupting him with overwhelming greed, and turned him into an Orange Lantern. Starfire agreed to help get Larfleeze his battery back, and in return, she would allow her father to reward both Hal and Kilowog for rescuing the princesses from evil.

It was due to this interaction with the Green Lanterns that Starfire gained a sense of justice and fighting for what was right. After defeating the Anti-Monitor and de-activating the Manhunters that served it, Starfire left Oa and returned home to Tamaran where she hoped to share her adventures with her family.


Upon her return home to Tamaran, Starfire had found out that much had changed in her absence. Unbeknownst to her, while she was gone, Blackfire had made a secret arrangement with the Gordanian leader, Trogaar: Starfire would be given to them as their slave for the Citadel in exchange for an end to the war.

Betrayed, shackled and caged, Starfire was devastated. Yet the worse news was that shortly after her enslavement, both her parents died of grief. This was the factor that drove her over the edge. When the slave ship, the Qu'str, was passing through the Milky Way's Sol star system, Starfire went on a furious rampage and escaped, fleeing to the nearest planet: Earth.

The Teen Titans

Upon arriving on Earth, Starfire burnt up on entry and proceeded to crash-land in the middle of the downtown area of Jump City, California. There, she started yelling at the crowd that gathered, albeit in her own native language. When one bystander took a picture of her with his camera, the flash blinded her. Starfire mistook this for an attack and began to destroy anything in sight: from cars and phone booths, to benches and lamp-posts, and even the column of the balcony to a popular pizzeria. Just before she could unintentionally kill anyone, however, she was stopped by Robin, who had just came to Jump City along with Wonder Girl and Kid Flash in order to establish themselves as heroes. This led Starfire to attack Robin head on, and clearly demonstrated her superhuman strength against the Boy Wonder, who had thought he'd met his match. She was only able to get one hit on him before he was aided by Wonder Girl and Kid Flash. Yet she was so strong, that she shattered Robin's telescopic bo-staff after he landed a hit on her. As she was about to come at the three teenage heroes, she was bashed aside by Beast Boy, the sole surviving member of the now-defunct Doom Patrol.

In a rage, she picked up a bus and launched it at the four teens, but that was stopped by a local teenage boy who wanted enough of the destruction. At this point, Starfire was able to free herself from her shackles and unleashed a barrage of starbolts at her would-be attackers. However, this drained her greatly, and in what seemed to be the five teens' chance to stop her, Raven, a female teenage empath, stopped them, suggesting that fighting may not be the right answer. That was when Robin noticed the handcuffs. Carefully, he talked the alien princess down and freed her from her handcuffs. Starfire then suddenly pulled Robin in for a kiss, which shocked everyone and aroused Kid Flash's jealousy to no end. However, she then warned Robin to leave her alone if he and the other teens did not wish to die. The teen in the hoodie, who later revealed himself as Cyborg, said that she knew how to leave a mark.

Once she was free, Starfire instantly sought out something to eat, anything that would get rid of the awful taste of Gordanian cuisine that she'd been forced to eat on board the Qu'str. So, she raided the local video rental store downtown, eating as much popcorn and candy as she could chew in her mouth.

However, the heroes tracked her down, and most of them tried to stay quiet, except for Beast Boy, who blurted out that the junkfood tasted better without the wrapper. Remembering them from their first encounter, she got ready to attack them, demanding to know from Robin why he freed her. He told her that he was just trying to be nice, but she responded that there was no such thing as nice on her planet, and the closest to that was weak.

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