The armor worn by unnamed female Talon that Batgirl Beyond( Cassandra Alura-El McGinnis) took out and replaced to go undercover as a spy in the Court of Owls for Young Justice Beyond.

Kasumi II suit: Suit worn when Cass was undercover as a member of the Court of Owls it is a female version of Talon's suit, Suit has all the same stuff all the talons. 

Underneath the suit, around her waist, she wears a Thanagarian Dimensiometer also called The Shadow Field belt, Given to her by Cassandra Cain. With it Kasumi II possesses the ability to shift between being solid matter and being intangible like a shadow, it also allows her to access a dangerous alternate dimension of shadows and monsters. Along with the Shadow Field, her other primary weapons are blades, specifically a pair of katana, each of which can sheath into the other’s grip when not in use and Wolverine like claws blades in her right glove.

  • Paraglider Wings: although never used, possesses deployable wings that allow her to glide.


This suit is a female Talon suit.


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