Justice League '52 (JL52) are a superhero team in the DC52 universe, set 41 years after Flashpoint.

Synopsis Edit

In the year 2052, the Justice League has long since disbanded after the death of Superman. Capitalising on this, supervillainy is on the rise and Amanda Waller II, granddaughter of the original, has decided to form a new Justice League, officially dubbed Task Force XI. Given the lack of new superheroes however, she is forced to scrape the barrel for recruits and settles for failed genetic experiments, ex supervillains and ARGUS agents.

Characters Edit

The Justice League '52 Edit


Kal Kent: Superman 2

Ocean Mistress

Morna, Daughter of Orm: Ocean Mistress

Yellow Lantern

Michael Lane: Yellow Lantern


Carmen Anderson: Firestorm

Captain Thunder

Daud Hassan: Captain Thunder


Lucy Colt: Trickshot


Amanda Waller II

Board of Directors Edit

Lex Luthor

Doctor Milton Fine

Story Arcs Edit

The More Things Change

Old Ghosts


King of the Seas

Revenge of Sinestro

Secret Origins

A Man of Steel

Going Solo

Black and White

Dark Side of the Moon

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