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This is the Grey Lantern disambiguation page.

Current alternate identity: ShallocDavid Volgen

The Grey Lantern corps was founded on the idea of a perfect peacekeeper for the Lantern Cores. Their guardian, Shalloc, was victim to Red Lantern and Yellow lantern fighting. Then, with broken heart and mind set on peace, he made strides to create the corps of Determination. Several other guardians helped him, but ultimately did not join him, seeing his search for peace as a folly. Shalloc proceeded anyway. The guardian made his way to Aherah, the future home of the Grey a lantern Corps.

Carefully Shalloc crafted the Grey Lantern guardian created the power battery, crafting rings upon rings, one hundred in total. However, before he could continue any further, a red lantern named Ruthaan led an assault on the grey lantern home world, thinking it a simple village planet.

Grey Lantern Corps