Theorigin of WarrenWayne
Gotham's shadows Act 1: Warren Wayne origin
is the first chapter of the fan made Gotham's shadows series created by User:TakeshiWatanabe.


Warren Peter Wayne was born in the year 3010 in the 4th millennium. Warren is in a very far yet direct line of descent of Bruce Wayne, the original Batman.

Early yearsEdit

Warren was born in Liverpool, England to his mother, Elizabeth Wayne who divorced with Warren's father two weeks after Warren's birth. Warren's mother was ill for 4 years and at this point Warren's younger brother, Bennett Wayne had already been born. Warren would soon view Gotham city's deteriorating state and loss of stability on his television. At this point, Warren was 19 years old. His mother told him about his ancestor's life. Warren was greatly influenced by his ancestor's bravery and willingness to become the guardian of Gotham city. Warren was given permission by his mother to save the civilians of Gotham as long as he had friends to be there for him when needed.

Warren at this point would tell his brother to watch over his mother while he was gone. Of course, this would greatly upset Bennett and cause him to fell useless, Bennett would place aside his own dreams to look over their mother until she fully recovered.

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