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Green Lantern


G Star

Real Name
Gregory Vannacut
Current Alias
G Star

Emerald Guardian, Green Lantern, evil angel, herald of Zeus, son of the storm




Vincent Vannacut(grandpather) deceased, Elizabeth "Eli" Roth(wife) deceased, Jason Roth(unborn son) deceased

Base Of Operations
sector 3602 Know Enemies = Zero




Marital Status

Green Lantern, Rock Star, Vampire Hunter



First appearance



Quote1 My Name is G Star, Nothing more. Quote2
-- G Star

Orphaned as a child, Gregory Vannacutt spent most of his childhood in the mental institute Prometheus in Nevada, under the tutelage of his grandfather Vincent Vannacut. Who was a brilliant physician who specializes in psychology had worked for thought experiments for the government, rumors that Vincent Vannacut forcing them mistreating their patients to be treated with cruel experiments and other scary things, Gregoy was unable to make a single friend. As children of his school thought that would take them to the grandfather so that they were victims of their cruel experiments. One night, while he slept Gregory, an alarm to alert the guards was heard. Patients, tired of Vannacut, cause a riot decided to get rid of it. Gregory saw that there was a strong fire that covered the ground floor, facing the fear and despair, hid in a room to hide from patients, he met with his grandfather in that room, his grandfather explained to him that he had a meeting with secret passageway, entrusted with the mission to find and open it. Gregory had to walk in front of a long fiery path, after avoiding the flames and hide from patients, Gregory found the exit, was a good time waiting for his grandfather, but after a few minutes, there was a huge explosion tore school Gregory horror contemplate the destruction of his home and the loss of his family. Years passed and Gregory spent his whole adolescence in foster homes, developing a sociopathy for being unable to establish a positive relationship with people. After managing to escape from the last house, I was engaging in a club of Heavy Metal where he spent a long season, the manager warned him that if he wanted to continue living in the club would have to pay the rent, so he decided to become a guitarist and a group rock venue called DESPAIR. After the concert, the club received a lot of money due to the recent discovery of musical talent Gregory. Months passed, and the group gained popularity points, then, a famous producer of music called Roque was presented. Roque took out of his pocket a contract for the group to run promotions, concerts, tours ..., Gregory did not hesitate to sign the contract with the group because he thought so could rebuild their lives. After gaining success in his first albun, Gregory decided to use their money to go to court to change his name. Stop being so called Gregory Vannacut for G Star Months later, G Star gets what had always dreamed of a teenager. Money, gold records, Grammys, fans, a luxury home ... After the release of their second albun, married a pop singer named Elizabeth Roth, who was two years older than him. One day, after returning from his tour, G Star was anxious to return home after receiving the news that he would be a father, but tragedy returned to affect, to open the door, saw his wife congando the roof of his house with multiple stab wounds in her womb. After that event, G Star, victim of depression, started with alcohol and drugs, leading to self-destruction and suicide attempt, which cost him his career. He was sentenced to spend indefinite rehabilitation until better put. Time passed, physically improved, thus avoiding drinking again, but it was hard emotionally better, some days I suffered hallucinations of his grandfather and his wife blaming her death. One night the rehabilitation center was being attacked by a pack of vampires, all led by a vampire named Zero demonized. G Star sick of being afraid, is faced with a number on his guitar, but it was useless, as were many and seemingly invincible. In that moment of despair, appeared a bright green light surrounding G Star, at that time, G Star was willing to fight...



"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power...Emerald Guardian's light!"

Powers and Abilities



Strength level



None known.



Green Lantern Power Battery



  • In Notebooks. G Star called his son Jasaon in memory of Jason Voorhees


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