Faerenn (Island)

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Island of The Gods

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Faerenn is a small archipelago on the Pacific Ocean, somewhere in the Polynesia region. Faerenn is, however, something of a Polynesian outsider, for it's culture and history is much different than that of e.g. Hawaii or Fiji. Faerenn is actually a Celtic country; most of the island's inhabitants are descendants of a very large group of Celts that travelled from Wales all the way to Pacific. The travellers created a city of Maeqil and settled down. Besides the Celtic discovery of the island, the second most important point in the Faerennian history was discovering the "Cyfrinael Stones", magical crystals that contained some bits of the Gods' power. Ever since, magic became an inseparable part of Faerennians' lives. Yet, even though all Faerennians had what is called a "mana core", only few were skillful and talented enough to control it. That's how Mages came to be, a class of powerful people that were able to control their mana cores. They were the rulling party in Faerenn ever since the discovery of "Cyfrinael Stones"; although there were a few coups and rebellions against Mages, they still control the country, all thanks to their talent.

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