Express: Man of Deception is a series created by User:TakeshiWatanabe. This series marks the debut of The Express, an original character created by User:TakeshiWatanabe.

Featured Characters

Express (Debut)

Batman  (Flashbacks)


Ra's al Ghul (Primary Antagonist) Robin (Flashbacks)

League of Assassins 

Takeshi's mother

Bishamonten (only in Arawasu's conscious)

Featured Locations

  • Gotham city

  • Japan
  • Hong Kong


Takeshi has recently relocated to Hong Kong in order to meet up with Cassandra.  Cassie (operating as the assassin Kasumi) needed assistance from the renowned assassin, Express. Takeshi saw this as a chance to get closer to Cassie and bond with her. During their mission, Cassandra shared with Takeshi her adoption and being the current Batgirl for the Batman.  Takeshi revealed to Cassie that he has been trained by Batman  during his earlier travels. Takeshi also revealed he had a falling out with Batman saying "Bats never liked how I was willing to slay my enemy". Cass questioned why Takeshi had no problem with killing. Takeshi simply stated "I know I kill, but I sometimes make exceptions for certain people".

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