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Kara Zor-L (mother), Zor-L (grandfather, deceased), Allura In-Z (grandmother, deceased), Kal-L (cousin, deceased), Jor-L (great uncle, deceased)






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Lords of Order and Chaos

Equinox was the child Power Girl gave birth to as Hal Jordan, possessed by Parallax, destroyed the time stream. The lords of order and chaos chose an infant to wield both magics, acting as their mediator. The child rapidly aged into a warrior and fulfilled an Atlantean prophecy by destroying the agent of Chaos, Scarabus. After his eternal duty was to ensure that the two forces remained equal by tipping the balance back should one force grow too strong. However this was an enormous burden to bare, he grew tired of the impossible task he had been given and set out to keep the balance in his own way.

First appearance



Quote1 They say the flapping wings of a single butterfly can stir a wind on the other side of the world. Ever wonder what impact your little bat wings have on this world? Quote2
-- Equinox

Equinox was the son of Power Girl gave birth to as Hal Jordan, possessed by Parallax, destroyed the time stream. His conception and birth was predicted by Arion of Atlantis, and as such, it was a miraculous conception, with no father. Kara and the child (she was strangely compelled not to name him) were protected from harm by magic, and the baby began to grow at an at an accelerated rate.  They ran afoul of Scarabus, and the JLA and Arion rescued Kara, but the baby vanished shortly thereafter. The infant chosen by the lords of order and lords of chaos to wield both Chaos magics and Order magics, acting as their mediator.  His eternal duty was to ensure that the two forces remained equal by tipping the balance back should one force grow too strong. (Justice League America #93-94) Kara's son reappeared been magically aged to adulthood and bore the name Equinox. (#105-107) Equinox destroyed Scarabus, disappeared, and has not been seen by Kara since. However, ensure that the two forces remained equal was an enormous burden to bare, he grew tired of the impossible task he had been given and set out to keep the balance in his own way. He sought the ideal balance. 

When he is next seen, he captured Gorilla Grodd because his plans, as Equinox put it, "...would disturb the equilibrium." Equinox also captured The Question who, like Equinox, was trying to stop Gorilla Grodd. The Question inquired his reason for doing so and in answering The Question's inquiry, Equinox stated, "To keep everything equal of course. If I eliminate the black pawn a white one must go too. It's an essential part of my quest to bring the world into complete balance." Equinox dangled the two over a fiery pit on a large weighing scale; The Question tied to one of the weighing pans and Gorilla Grodd to the other. Batman appeared and Equinox triggered the scale to lower his captives into the flames. Batman rescued The Question and in effect, correspondingly saved Gorilla Grodd's life as well, but did not cut his bonds. Equinox fled the scene as Batman and The Question gave chase. Batman caught up with Equinox and they quarreled, but Equinox escaped and exclaimed, "Don't worry Batman. When the time is right, you will again meet Equinox!"

Equinox made his second appearance

Equinox 1


Equinox is constantly seen by Batman alone. Invisible to everyone else. He argues with Batman about order and balance, as well as his way of maintaining it. He also spends a great deal of time explaining to Batman all the massive effects his actions have on the world and its balance; linking Batmans actions to the theory: "The Butterfly Effect." He even stated the theory to Batman and asked him, "Ever wonder what impact your little bat wings have on this world?" He is also constantly seen in the background of Shrapnels attack and mayhem, secretly helping using his magical influence. All of which appears as accidents or coincidences; such OMAC system errors or loss of connection with Brother Eye. He is helping Shrapnel, who in this episode is a Cuban General named Kafka, get revenge for the GPA (Global Peace Agency) sending OMAC to stop his militias uprising. Omac destroyed most of Kafkas militia and village. Equinox sees the only way to balance this destruction by destroying the city where the GPA is located. After Batman fools the core meltdown at a nuclear power plant Equinox then saves Batman by healing all the wounds he sustained while being inside the nuclear core, and stating his death would unbalance the scales.

Equinox made his third appearance.

Equinox is the primary villains and his origins are revealed. Batman and Dr. Fate attempt to stop Equinox from tampering with legendary Gyroscope that is supposed to maintain the magical balance of the world. He also subtly reveals the true nature of his powers and who he works for to Dr. Fate before blasting him. He gets into a struggle with Batman and deliberately loses to Batman as to meet his end, falling into the gyroscope itself. For it was later revealed only a being who represents both chaos and order can kill him. Soon after the Lords of Order and Chaos reveal Equinox's origins and purpose, Equinox emerges from the clouds, now the size of a giant, and possessing increase magical abilities; to the point he could drain the powers of order and chaos from the Lords and Vassals present in that domain. Equinox ascent to godhood with the intent to unmake the universe and create it anew, taking his masters' powers to do so and becoming Equinox-Prime. He then later returns, still the size of a giant, now being covered completely in gold (God Like) armor, covering everything but his face. He then begins to battle Batman, who has been changed into Bat Monolith, Doctor Fate borrows the powers from a number of heroes and gives them to Batman in an attempt to stop him, Plastic Man dubbing the new being Bat-Monolith.  A combination powers including: Dr. Fate, Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, and Aquaman. During the battle Equinox constantly states he is doing this for the Universe and not for personal reasons. He intends to erase the universe and start all over and begins building a enormous amount of energy to do so. When Equinox' new powers prove too strong even for the combined might of Batman and his allies, Batman turns the tables by presenting to Equinox the revelation that he himself is unbalanced as he hates the Lords of Order and Chaos. At that moment Equinox became confused, see that if he is doing all this for a personal vendetta, then he is not balanced himself, and is unworthy, saying he did all this for nothing. During his confusion Batman punched Equinox into the energy he had built up to destroy the universe so he could re-make it in balance and Equinox shattered, appearing to have been defeated. 

In the far future

His consciousness was shattered into a dozen fragments and scattered throughout time and space. Each aspect embodied a part of Equinox-Prime's mind. His hate arrived in the far future and entered a computer which it used to create and animate a bunch of robots to form his Batman Revenge Squad, sending them to erase the Batmen from the Time-Space Continuum. Rip Hunter discovered this and alerted the Justice League International who each paired off into different groups. Once the Batman Revenge Squad robots were taken down, the Justice League International arrived in the future where Equinox was, having captured a robot Batman. Equinox' conscious merged some of the remaining robots into one giant robot that Equinox' mind could inhabit, but the captured robot Batman freed himself from Equinox's control and summoned three Batmen from other times to help him fight Equinox. The four Batmen neutralized Equinox and the Batman of the present returned to existence, but Equinox's consciousness separated into 12 fragments means that they haven't heard the last of Equinox.

Chronolock prison 

After his last defeated by the Justice League International  and Equinox's consciousness separated into 12 fragments though the Time-Space Continuum, Kismet  the embodiment of time put all his 12 fragments together in a  Chronolock prison not even he could get out. 

The embodiment of Anti-Time

Kor-EL was no longer live in Time or Space, he came the Embodiment of Anti-time ( See Anti-time Manipulation and Cosmic Entity Physiology ), existing outside time.  It is here he runs into Equinox, he was a prisoner inside a time lock and unable to get out. He pulls Equinox back into the time-space continuum.

Equinox is able to move into his time frame, both start to talk. Equinox tell him about Order and Chaos and the balance of the universe. He tells Kor El that his problem with understand the universe is because it is unbalance and that they must go to the 21 century Earth and set up a temporal chain reaction which will cause Time to break down destroying the verse.

Kor El ask why Earth and why then? Equinox, because Earth is the center of this universe and the only time the universe can be  unstable is in the 21 century before the 10 age of magic.

Kor EL and Equinox leave for the past. Kor-El then takes the name ATemporal.


His costume is black on one half and white on the other with a Taoist Taijitu on his chest. The Taijitu is a symbol that originated in the Chinese philosophy of Taoism and represents the concepts of yin and yang which have the characteristic of balance and are complementary opposites within a greater whole. As his name and costume suggest, he has an obsession with balance. He maintains this obsession through his actions, making his alignment of being good or evil highly questionable. His only known motive is, as Equinox himself put it, " bring the world into complete balance."

Powers and Abilities

Equinox Kryptonian powers seem to be base on Kryptonians of the Earth-Two universe, had superhuman powers inherent to their own evolution and physiology which included being able to lift several tons while on Krypton, as well as the ability to leap thousands of feet into the air, sub/near sonic speed movement and high-end endurance while on their red sun-based planet unlike other-dimensional Kryptonians, who need solar energy from a yellow sun to be able to do such feats.

Equinox, same as all members of his race, did not get extra powers in yellow sun systems and needed to rest in order to recover his powers, or they would progressively become weaker until rest.

Powers and Abilities


  • Magic: Control of the magics of Chaos and Order. His ability to manipulate the two forces allows him to bend the fabric of reality itself, but not on a massive scale. He can also manipulate probability, while making his influence seem coincidental. His powers would later be enhance upon his death, as now his spirit can use the full extent of the powers of Order and Chaos. His increased powers being strong enough to absorb all the powers of the lords of chaos and order, becoming god like. He exhibits abilities to control time and space, i.e. turning a batarang into an actual bat or bringing stone statues to life.
  • Omnipotence
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Magic
  • Reality Alteration
  • Immortality
  • Power Absorption
  • Probability Manipulation


Strength level




Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None



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