Daniel Slash A.K.A. Slashing Swan is Steve Trevor's nephew and the 4th Silver Swan. He is also known as the 3rd Slasher.

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Real Name
Daniel Slash
Current Alias

Silver Ares, Slasher III, Silver Swan IV




Jacob Slash (Father), Jessica Trevor (Mother), Steve Trevor (Uncle), Ares (Adoptive Father), Blackfire (Wife)





Unusual Features
Red eyes, scratch marks on his face, 3 black lines on his forehead


Marital Status


His parents were killed by Ares, who disguised himself as a mortal and adopted him, then was told by Ares that Wonder Girl killed his parents, so Ares gave him incredible powers and trained him to defeat Wonder Girl and the Teen Titans


Quote1 You RUINED my revenge! I had her on the brink of death and you went on and RUINED IT ALL! Quote2
-- Slashing Swan

Steve Trevor and Jacob Slash

Steve Trevor and Jacob Slash were in the army together, and they were best friends. Jacob Slash was engaged with Steve's sister, Jessica Trevor. 19 years later, Trevor's nephew, Daniel, was on a plane with his parents, on their way to Hawaii for the vacation, when Ares struck the plane with lightning. The plane burst into flames and crashed into the ocean, but Daniel was able to grab onto a piece of the plane and float to Hawaii, where he was given medical attention and put in a foster home.

Teen Terrors

After a month to get used to the foster home, Daniel was finally adopted by the mastermind behind the whole incident, Ares, who was disguised as a human named "Joseph Hallwood". Daniel was ignoring all of Joseph's questions until he heard "so, how did your parents die?" Finally, Daniel answered. Just then, in the car, Joseph transformed back into Ares and told Daniel that Wonder Girl struck the plane by lightning in a fit of rage after being defeated in a fight by Deimos. Daniel asked how Ares knew, and Ares replied "I'm a god." Ares promised Daniel revenge as long as Daniel would agree to be trained by Ares. When they made a stop at Tartarus, Ares gave Daniel great power and started training him. After being trained, Daniel was released upon Themyscira given the nickname "Slashing Swan", in honor of the first three Silver Swans. Wonder Woman tried defeating Slashing Swan, but was trapped in a straight-jacket made of pure energy. Wonder Woman struggled to escape, but Slashing Swan made the jacket tighter, and almost crushed Wonder Woman. He then possessed her in order to get access to Queen Hippolyta's palace, then wage war between America and Themyscira just for fun. When the Amazons questioned this, she (he) claimed that the men of America were kidnapping Amazons who visited. When the war started, Wonder Girl was able to put a stop to it. Slashing Swan was upset and left Wonder Woman's unconscious body behind when he left. After causing mayhem in America, when he was confronted by Blackfire, sister of the Teen Titan Starfire, and asked to join the new villains team "Teen Terrors." He was attracted to Blackfire and just smiled and simply said "yeah... uh... yeah." When he was given a tour of the secret Teen Terrors hideout by Blackfire, it was love at first sight, and, when the other two members of the team, Clay Teen and Joker Junior, walked into the room, they found Daniel and Blackfire making out. After the awkward moment, Clayteen and Daniel went to see the rest of the hideout, when The Teen Titans broke in.

First Fight With Wonder Girl

When the fight started, Daniel fought his way through a riot of fighting just so he could find Wonder Girl. When he found her, he smiled and punched her with a flaming fist. She got up off the floor and asked Daniel who he even was. Daniel smiled and said "just a friend, who came for payback." Daniel kicked Wonder Girl in the face, knocking her over, then laughed. She got back up and kicked him in the groin, making him angry. He wrapped his flaming hands around her throat and bashed her head to the ground. She got back up and elbowed him in the eyes, but, to her surprise, it burnt her elbow. She turned around and saw his eyes were made of fire, and that his hands were, too. He smiled and knocked her over, then stepped on her stomach. He put his hands together and formed them into a giant ball of fire and was about to kill her, but Robin swooped in and kicked him in the face. Daniel got up and said "you RUINED my revenge! I had her on the brink of death and you went on and RUINED IT ALL!" Daniel formed his right arm into a giant sword and slashed Robin in the chest, causing him to bleed. Daniel licked the blood of his blade-arm and laughed. When Robin said "who are you, anyway? I thought this little club was for Teen Titans villains ONLY! Not wannabe street punks!", Daniel replied "Heh. Little known fact: I hate Wonder Girl. By the by, I'm Slashing Swan. Next in line for your guys's arch-enemy." When Blackfire blasted Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Aqualad into the wall, Robin decided to retreat, knowing that the Terrors weren't a big enough threat yet. When the Titans left, Blackfire was angry that Robin referred to them as "not a big enough threat." Daniel laughed and said "what do they know? They didn't have any idea who the rest of the team was... uh, I don't know, either." Blackfire smiled and said she'd show him another "tour" and they could talk about it on the way. Joker Jr. laughed and whispered something into Clayteen's ear, causing Clayteen to laugh, too.

Secret Seven Vs. Young Justice

3 months after a vicious attack by the Teen Titans, which through the other 4 members of the Teen Terrors in jail, the last 7 members (Slashing Swan, Blackfire, Dinimita, Mirror Punk, Black Eel, more to be added

Powers and Abilities


Divine Empowerment:

  • Energy Construct Creation: He trap Wonder Woman in a straight-jacket made of pure energy.
  • Pyrokinesis: He can form giant ball of fire and summon fire to his frists.
  • Possession: He possesses Wonder Woman's body in order to get access to Queen Hippolyta's palace, then wage war between America and Themyscira just for fun.


Strength level



None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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