Here are the rules. If you break one you will either get a warning or be blocked (depending on what you've done).

General Rules

  • No cussing, swearing, or profanity of any sort!
  • No spamming!
  • No "mature references"!
  • Only edit your own user page, not anyone else's (unless you get permission from the other user first)!
  • No dissing anyone!
  • No sarcastic attitudes!
  • Don't mini-mod! If you see someone break the rules, tell an admin, and they will deal with it!
  • No multiple accounts (unless you have permission of an admin)! If you are banned and make a new one, all your accounts will be blocked forever!
  • No vandalizm!
  • Respect all user!

Fanon Rules

  • You MUST have permission to use another user's character that he/her has created!
  • Don't use "bad language"!
  • Keep it clean! No mature references!

Image Rules

  • Make sure that the image you upload as a name that makes sense! Not something like this: "shddhygdyeugytegfeytfdety.jpg" or "Picture22398273.png"
  • Do not upload very small images!
  • Do not upload violent images (doesn't count for comic, drawn, or images from a tv show)!
  • Make sure that the image you want to upload isn't on the wiki already!

Chat Rules

  • Keep it clean!
  • Don't insult other people!

More of those are in the General Rules. If someone breaks one of these rules, please take a screenshot, and show it to an admin.

Rules for Staff (Admins, Rollbacks, Chatmoderators, etc.)

  • All staff personal must warn a user before blocking him/her!
  • A member of the staff is inactive after being away from the wiki for 3 months!

This are the rules for now. If you see someone has updated them, please go and check them out!

Admins: Finn Tracy & ArtosRavenwolf!

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