DC Battles: Gotham is a story/melee video game. It is first in a series of three video games (DC Battles: Metropolis and DC Battles: Justice) on Wii, DS, 3DS, Xbox 720, Xbox 360, WiiU, PS Vita, and PS3. It has all of the characters from the Gotham City universe and there are skins such as: Nolanverse, Arkhamverse, BTAS, Burtonverse, and Comics. Creaor User:Piemaster1446



Bruce Wayne: Batman I

Dick Grayson: Robin I, Nightwing I, Batman II

Selina Kyle: Catwoman

Tim Drake: Robin III, Red Robin, Nightwing III

Jason Todd: Robin II, Nightwing II, Red Hood V

Damian Wayne: Robin IV

Jack Napier Jr: Robin V

Barbara Gordon: Batgirl I, Oracle

Commissioner Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon Jr: Two Face II

Alfred Pennyworth: Batman (Decoy)

Thomas Wayne

Martha Wayne

Lucius Fox

Harvey Dent: Two-Face I


Jack Napier: The Joker, Red Hood I

Dr. Harleen Quinzel: Harley Quinn

Dr. Jonathan Crane: The Scarecrow

Ra's al Ghul: The Demon

Talia al Ghul

Dusan al Ghul

Oswald Cobblepot: The Penguin

Pamela Isley: Poison Ivy


Harvey Dent: Two-Face


Edward Nigma/Eddie Nashton: The Riddler

Dr. Victor Fries: Mr. Freeze

Dr. Hugo Strange: Batman Imposter

Waylon Jones: Killer Croc

Baby Doll

Dr. Kirk Langstrom: Manbat

Dr. Jervis Tetch: The Mad Hatter

Dr. Jeremiah Arkham: Black Mask I

Roman Sionis: Black Mask II

Warren White: Great White Shark

Victor Zsasz: Mr. Zsasz

Tommy Elliot: Hush, Bruce Wayne Imposter

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