Leadership is the ability to delegate authority and to command the respect and obedience of others. Those proficient in this skill often hold positions as politicians, military commanders, law enforcement personnel, industrialists, corporate CEOs and super-team leaders. Leadership means maintaining a strong sense of confidence, a commitment towards a group goal and the ability to make hard choices in the face of adversity. The best leaders are usually willing to endure great personal sacrifice for the betterment of their followers. Leaders cultivate their skills through a variety of techniques. While some may command respect through compassion and a strong sense of integrity, others may govern those under their charge through a doctrine of fear and intimidation. Although some individuals may serve in a leadership capacity, this does not necessarily mean that they have developed the necessary skills in order to lead a group dynamic. When Donna Troy became the leader of the New Teen Titans, she was heavily criticized by her peers (particularly Hank Hall) for her lack of confidence and inability to take charge. Other leaders may find their skills compromised for reasons of selfishness or vanity. Niles Caulder of the Doom Patrol has been cited as being cold, emotionless, and directing his team towards objectives that do not serve the benefit of the group. Others may effectively maintain a strong command through sheer physical power. Minions who serve under Darkseid for example are fearfully obedient and carry out their master's directives without hesitation or question. Throughout the many iterations of the Legion of Super-Heroes continuity, various team members have served in the capacity of team leaders, some more successfully than others. Veteran Legionnaires such as Cosmic Boy, Mon-El and Saturn Girl are highly regarded for their leadership capabilities, whereas others like Dream Girl and Ultra Boy have been criticized due to a variety of factors.