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The Brotherhood of Justice is a new branch of the Justice League consisting of young teenage super heroes.


The Justice League decided that they can't handle everything, there are times when they will need to rely on a smaller team to do certain that they themselves don't have time to do. These missions include but are not limited to strike team, rescue, spec ops, infiltration, secure and retrieve etc.Some members suggested certain people and the team was formed. The teams leader Swarm came up with the name after their first mission.

Welcome to the Brotherhood: Part 1

Swarm stops Killer Croc and some criminals from escaping Arkham Asylum. Batman goes to get him and lets him know it's time for him to be assigned to his new team. Next, Continuum gets ready for Superman to come get him and take him to to the watchtower. Sender was fighting trenchers near the borders of Atlantis. When he was done, him and Aquaman went through a portal to the Watchtower. Martian Manhunter and Psion in disguise telepathically communicate about Psion meeting his new teammates. Meanwhile, Afflatus and The Flash are fighting against Gorilla Grodd, when it was over Afflatus runs off telling him he'll meet Flash at the watchtower. Swarm and Batman are going to the watchtower and talk about Swarm being the leader.

Martian Manhunter and Psion arrive next and Psion tries to read Swarm's mind, to no avail. Next, Sender arrives and his cocky attitude was causing him to get into an altercation with Swarm and Psion. Next Continuum and Superman arrive in the watchtower. Swarm introduces himself and Continuum does so too. Next Afflatus comes late because he stopped in Japan for Japanese food, causing Sender to go off on him. Psion buts in which causes Batman to prompt Swarm to handle the situation. Swarm tries to intervene, causing Sender to attack him, Swarm dispatches him but Sender gets up and shoots him with water, causing Batman to intervene.

Black Canary comes down to teach them Hand to Hand combat. Sender complains saying he doesn't need it and Swarm tells him to shut up. Black Canary makes Swarm and Sender go one on one, and while it was a good fight, Swarm emerged victorious. Sender storms off and tells Aquaman he will meet him at Atlantis. Swarm leaves as well, followed by Psion, then Afflatus, then Continuum. It seemed the team ended before it started.

Next while Batman was scolding Swarm, Mongul appears and knocks out Batman and kidnaps him, then Mongul kidnaps Superman and Wonder Woman. Swarm contacts the Watchtower telling them that Batman has been kidnapped.

Welcome to the Brotherhood: Part 2



Real Name: Marcus Wayne

ID Number: 11012

Bio: An ex-member of the Ragnarok project trained in the ways of Martial Combat, tactile planning and weaponry.

Recommendation: Batman

Abilities: Peak Human Conditioning


Real Name: Anthony Grant

ID Number: 11013

Bio: Track athlete turned Speedster, trained by the Reverse Flash to kill Barry Allen Flash.

Recommendation: Flash

Powers: Speed Force Conduit


Real Name: Emmanuel Kingston

ID Number: 11014

Bio: Gained the powers of space-time manipulation from a failed Time Machine experiment.

Recommendation: Batman

Powers: Space-Time Manipulation


Real Name: Riley King

ID Number: 11015

Bio: Martian/Human Hybrid

Recommendation: Martian Manhunter

Powers: Martian Physiology


Real Name: Ald'ur'ein or Khalil Evenheart

ID Number: 11016

Bio: Atlantean trainee of Aquaman.

Recommendation: Aquaman

Powers: Atlantean Physiology and Hydrokinesis: The ability to manipulate water.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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They are the Teen Titans and Young Justice of this verse.

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