Black Razor: Valley of Whispers is a series created by User:TakeshiWatanabe. This series marks the debut of Black Razor.


Black Razor: Valley of Whispers is the zero issue of the Black Razor series and is also the official debut of Black Razor. Valley of Whispers focuses on events such as the early life of Luther Smith up to Luther's 2-year training at the legendary Valley of Whispers.

Early lifeEdit

Luther Smith was the youngest of 3 children to a single mother. Luther never met or even knew his father existed. When Luther was 12, he would be mentored by a man named P'eng Chou who worked at Luther's middle school as a janitor. P'eng Chou was actually a famous martial artist who founded a martial arts school at the Valley of Whispers. The school is currently owned by Fei Yen Chou, P'eng's daughter. Luther had much fun with his mentor for 4 months until P'eng was ordered to return to Shanghai for important matters despite P'eng's consistent declines. Luther would go through more stress. One of the main reasons for Luther's stress was his mother not being able to understand the complex way her son thought. Luther's mother felt that she was the only one who had the right to say she was stressed since she works daily. Luther was livid after this falling out. Luther took his mentors advice and once he reached age 17, Luther had set out for a 2-year training and meditation vacation to the Valley of Whispers.

2 years at the ValleyEdit

Luther finally found a place where he can compose himself mentally and relax himself. Luther also recieved martial arts training from many senseis who resided at the valley.


  • P'eng Chou
  • Fei Yen Chou
  • Luther's mother
  • Luther's older sisters
  • Luther's older brother


  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Kyoto, Japan

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