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Batgirl Beyond cycle

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Originally the equipment for fast pursuits vehicle for Batgirl

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The Batblade2 is a futuristic two-wheeled vehicle resemble motorcycle powered by an all-electric drive system and lithium ion battery. The vehicle was created by Batgirl Beyond and Robin Beyond. This vehicle can function under the most extreme weather conditions.

Originally the equipment for fast pursuits was conceived, and with the help of the special effects maglock it functions also on smooth underground and under most extreme weather conditions, even can drive up building and upside down, it's the fastest thing on land it 2058.


Batblade is bulletproof, it is controlled by a system similar to the handlebars of a motorcycle has functions similar to the Batmobile. Also has user DNA and bio sign lock outs. It functions also on smooth underground and under most extreme weather conditions, even can drive up building and upside down. It can drive on water like the Flash runs on water.

  • Computerized System: A projected screen that connects to the Bat cave's computer,and A.S.H.E.S.'s computer allowing Terry, Cassandra, Kara and Casey to see each other while they talk. An onboard computer with a keyboard, capable of connecting with the Batcaves, the Young Justice Beyond base and captures all radio frequencies, which allows Cassandra to track an enemy on screen or communicate via text and has radar. The vehicle has an advanced navigation system with GPS, radar and an autopilot mode. Ability to be remotely called to Cassandra's location (like Terry and Casey).
  • Batblade Weapons: Batarangs, capsules, small explosives and armed with grappling hooks, cannons, and machine guns. Super magnetic clamps that can secure to the back or front of a vehicle and "tow" it. Grappling hook claw able to be electrified, look similar to the ones on the Batsuit's arms. Missiles and an on board video recorder.
  • Speed: Unknown limit.

Onboard Equipment

  • Mobile Scanner


  • The BatBlade2 is apparently based on the Tron Light Cycle

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