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Avalone Entertainment

Avalone Entertainment Logo

The company's logo

Avalone Entertainment Logo

The company's logo

Official Name
Avalone Entertainment
Team Aliases
Avalone Corporation
Avalone Industries


Team Identity


Base Of Operations

Current Members
Daphne Lynwood (Chief Creative Officer, Deputy President)
Twan Warren (Tech Director)
Argo Chartrand (Security Officer)
Ashley McDevitt (Project Manager)
Ryan Rogue (Head of IT)

Former Members

Created by James Avalone after he inherited his parents' money.


First appearance



Avalone Industries was found in the 21st century by James Avalone. It started as a small company producing phones and such gadgets, but ended as Avalone Entertainment, the America's electronic giant, producing games, consoles, phones, computers and many other gadgets which soon began to "rule the world".



One of the company's products were phones. At first they were called Avalone Industries' Super Quality Cellphones, but now they are known as aPhone's, which is both a referrence to the name of the comapny (Avalone) and a word game (the name aPhone can be read as a phone). Soon, aPhone's ruled the electronic world of America, becoming a part of Americans' normal life.

Avalon Console

Avalone Entertainment is however mostly associated with gaming. That's because of the Avalon Console (another referrence to the company's name) which became just as famous as aPhone's, mostly because of the special lab that allows you to create your own game. That's also why most of the modern games are made as exclusives for that console.

Hits by Dr. Hush

Hits is a brand of headphones, promoted by a fictional Dr. Hush (well, not truly fictional, but we're in Razor City, not in Gotham, so hush...). The brand became popular when it started to produce subwoofers, speakers and everything else connected to music. One of the Hits' "abilities" is using an application made by, suprise, Avalone Entertainment. It's called Hushify (yup, you guessed, that is connected to the "fictional" Dr. Hush character) and allows you to create a "musical data base", full of your favourite songs.

Avalone Evolution (EVO)

Evolution (or EVO) is a computer brand, creating both PC's and laptops. It's not really nothing special, but considering the fame of aPhone's and Avalon Console's, EVO computers also became famous. Guess it just became a principal - every product here is famous.



Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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  • Products like aPhone's or Hits by Dr. Hush are obvious parodies of respectively iPhone's and Beats by Dr. Dre.

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