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Atlantean Submarine

Atlantean Defender

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Official Name
Atlantean Submarine

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Vehicle Details

Current Owner

Height - 18m

Length - 307m

Width - 30m

Weight - 31 700 tons

Previous Owners

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Lansinarians created the Defenders to explore the Earth's waters and to learn about the other land people and animals other than the AT tribe. this was after the AT Tribe came to live with them and they started to inbreed. Later becoming a new race the Atlanteans (Brig-verse). When the Earth was invaded Sharkman call his fleet to the surface to save the oceans and cities on the coastline.


It is equipped with a scanner sonar array, counter-communications jamming systems, force field technology and is armed with concussive torpedoes.


  • Atlantean Drive - This drive was essentially an augmented fusion rocket, usually consisting of twin fusion reactors, an accelerator-generator, a driver coil assembly, and a vectored thrust nozzle to direct the plasma exhaust. The fusion reaction generated a highly energized Tritium extracted from sea water. Aqua return jets are used to propel the craft on and through the water.


  • Speed - 300kph (160 knots)
  • Range - Can operate for up to 1 year on dry stores etc. Powerplant can operate upto 25 years before needin refurbishment. Can dive as deep as 9km.


  • Neurogenic interface -A neurogenic interface was a technology that allowed a lifeform's brain to directly communicate with a computer, allowing the user to control functions and have it react instantly to thought.
  • Organic circuitry- which can process information more efficiently, and hence speed up computer response time.

  • Force Field/Shield Technology - They included multiphasic and multi-spectrum shielding.
  • Biometric sensor- Are internal (and external) sensors that are able to locate and differentiate between life forms.
  • Radar - 1000km range when surfaced
  • Sonar - 250km range
  • ECM/ECCM systems - -25% to opposing Sensor Operator skill rolls
  • Various optic systems (thermal, infa red, etc)
  • Communications - 500km range while submerged, 2000km while on surface
  • Bio-Engineered Coating - completely inert against (most) marine bacteria and organisms with a crush depth of more than 9 km of water.
  • Tractor beam - A tractor beam was an attenuated linear graviton beam used to control the movement of external objects. when fired, it allows the Atlantean Defender to tow or retract the target to the vessel.
  • WARS (Wireless Atlantean Retrieval Satellites): small sensor probes that were remotely controlled by the ship's sensor. The WARS, codenamed "Nemo", "Nemo Jr.", and "Submariner", served as the "eyes and ears of Defender" and could relay telemetry data back to the ship miles (kilometers) away. In a pinch, the WARS could also be used as an emergency power supply and could be reconfigured for communication purposes. A special "Hyper-Reality Probe" was also part of the Defender's arsenal which allowed the operator to manually control the probe and conduct delicate repair operations or investigate various anomalies. The ship's communications buoy could also be detached to enable contact with surface bound vessels.
  • Dead Man's Codes - in the event that the ship's crew was incapacitated or dead, the codes could be used to bring the ship to any location on the globe by remote. The helm control has the final authority over the boat's course. Atlanteans (Brig-verse) in Atlantis (Brig-verse) kept one set of the codes while another set was flash-fed into the computer banks and scrambled at random intervals.


  • Weapon Type - Torperdo Launchers (12)
  • Primary Purpose - Anti-ship, Anti-Aircarft
  • Range - E-Plasma Torpedoes - 75km, Plasma Torpedoes - 50km, EMP Torpedoes - 45km
  • Damage' - E-Plasma Torpedoes' - 6d6x100, Plasma Torpedoes - 4d6x100, EMP Torpedoes - KNocks out all electronics on the target vessel.
  • Rate Of Fire - One at a time per launcher per melee
  • Payload - 120 torpedoes per launcher
  • Weapon Type - Lasers (6)
  • 'Primary Purpose - anti-ship, Anti-Aircarft
  • Range - 20km
  • Damage - 1d4x1000
  • Rate Of Fire - 1 per melee
  • Payload - effectively unlimited
  • Drone weapons- are projectile weapons that serve as the primary weapon system of the Lansinarians. A hybrid energy/projectile weapon, drones are capable of penetrating most shields and armor with ease. A single drone can destroy most fighters and cause severe damage to smaller capital ships, while hundreds or thousands can obliterate dozens of vessels with little effort.
  • Payload - effectively unlimited
  • Range - Orbital
  • Weapon Type - Torpedo Intercept Launchers (8)
  • Primary Purpose - anti-torpedo
  • Range' - 10km
  • Damage - 2d6x100
  • Rate Of Fire - one at a time per launcher per melee
  • Payload - 100 per launcher

  • Weapon Type - Anti-Ballistic Missile launchers (8)
  • Primary Purpose' - anti-missile/aircraft
  • Range - 100km
  • Damage - 4d4x100
  • Rate Of Fire - one at a time equal to gunners attacks
  • Payload - 24 per launcher

  • Weapon Type - Flash Warhead launchers (8)
  • Primary Purpose - anti-missile
  • Range - 50km
  • Damage - 75% chance to cause heat guided missiles to go off course
  • Rate Of Fire - one at a time equal to gunners attacks
  • Payload - 24 per launcher

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