The Anaarium Dragon Armor is a suit of armor powered from Anaarium that was designed by the ancient Aiinarian Dragon Warriors. The Armor cannot be destroyed by anything other than another Anaaruim Dragon Armor. Only an Anaarium Dragon Knight who is owner of the armor can use it, so if anyone wants to use it, it's like the worst armor on Earth.


The Anaarium Dragon Armor is made ​​from Aiinarian technology and magic. Its metallic alloy Anaarium enables the wearer to survive the environment of space, resist attacks on a cosmic level, travel through space at nearly the speed of light, and Portal to anywhere in the universe and Dimensional Travel. The armor instantly appears over top the wearer's body.

The armor also has the ability to absorb, nullify and reflect energies to opponents, and fire blasts of strange purple energy from its gauntlets.

Other Armors

  • 1. Dragon Knight 2
  • 2. Dragon warriors


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