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4.60×108 km² (0.902 Earths)

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Shalloc, The guardian made his way to Aherah, the future home of the Grey Lantern Corp.

Shallocs Stand

The guardian sent as many rings as he could to find an owner, desperately searching for aid against the red lanterns. In a move to secure the Grey Lantern rings and power battery, Shalloc sealed the door behind him and fought the red lanterns outside. There were seventeen red lanterns in total, who attacked one at a time at first to wear the guardian down. Continuously beating him down and letting him back up. Finally Ruthaan grabbed hold of the guardian's throat and charged a red construct around the guardian, throwing him like a boy throws a baseball. The guardian slammed into the planet below near the entrance, passing out from the damage to his body.

Ruthaan and his red lanterns investigate, and when they could not bash the door down they left the planet as a dying one, after scarring her surface and then sending a large construct down to its core to disrupt it.

Aherah Rebirth

Shalloc awoke to the smell of death and destruction around him. All the Red Lanterns had left the planet to die. Shalloc only had one chance, one hope he toss an unfinished Grey Lantern Power Battery into the disrupted core of the planet. There was light and it was grey and grew stronger hitting everything on Aherah bring it back to life. The scarring desappeared and then the light was gone but Shalloc could feel the new power of the core, the now Grey Lantern Central Power Battery.

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