Comic 1 Edit

Today was a bright and sunny day in Apokilips which is very very rare . Dad told me that I would be transferring to Superhero And Villain High . I was very sad but I got over it . Also me and Sandra Ballagot my best parademon friend forever went shopping for the nicest clothes in Apokilps then after that I told her I'm leaving Apokilips High and going to Superhero And Villian High . She was sad too but I cheered her up . Later my dad made a food some of us red parademons ( for some reason I'm not red ) like called PAPPAGHECTTI !!!!!!!!

Comic 2 Edit

Dad looked on the and found I would be the first parademon at Superhero And Villian High . Well at least I find some non parademon friends . Denise Saad , Sandra Ballagot and me are having our maybe last sleepover at Denise's house.

Comic 3 Edit

Today I 'm packing because tomorrow I'm leaving . I called over Sandra to help me pack my clothes for tomorrow . Also we had a big Send- Off party for me and I know who did it Sandra , Denise and the best party planner ever Missy Power . Even though Missy Power was not born or she doesn't live in Apokilps , she knows a lot about it .

Comic 4 Edit

I had to wake up early this morning to go the Apoklips Fairport . As we went there I called Sandra but she didn't pick up . When we arrived at Earth 6587 I flew to my school with my dad since I can't fly I had to hold my dads hand . So we got to the school and I saw this cat looking lady named Theresa Claws an actor in many boomvies ( She's the 7th generation of Catwomen) . I also saw her less popular sister Susie Claws

Comic 5 Edit

More Coming Soon

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