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Real Name
A.R.G.U.S Youthcentral Android: Subject 17
Current Alias

17, Princess (Joker)



A.R.G.U.S (Formerly); Suicide Squad (Currently)

Amanda Waller(Creator/Mother; Formerly) Harley Quinn(Mentor/Guardian),Suicide Squad(Adoptive family)



163cm (Petite)

Brown, Green(Heterochromia)

Black, Green (ombré)

Unusual Features
Cybernetic Enhancement, Heterochromia eyes


Marital Status

AYA-17 was created by Amanda Waller.

Place of Birth

First appearance



Quote1 "What's that, do I hear a sense of fear, cause if ya hadn't noticed no one can hear you scream, I can't wait to watch you suffer, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Quote2
-- AYA-17

A.R.G.U.S Youthcentral Android: Subject 17 also known as AYA-17, is the newest member of the Suicide Squad. She's a Mechanized robot and Harley quinn's winggirl built by Amanda Waller. she was originally built for A.R.G.U.S, But a mishap in her system caused her to become villainous and psychotic, and due to her long criminal record, she joined the Suicide Squad in exchange for juvenile hall time. She uses retractable dual chainsaw hands as weapons which can also turn into machine guns, she has two on each hand. It was revealed that 17 was modeled after Waller's 14 year old daughter Ashiyya Waller, who was killed in a Train accident. And she's very close to Harley Quinn, who picked her up and is her best friend, and Joker, who is her role model. She also has a solid relationship with Poision ivy and Katana.


Amanda Waller created AYA-17 for ARGUS on May 17th, So she could be the cute, powerful, happy, Cheerful, friendly and intelligent robot who could help decrease crime in Gotham city, but as Waller was building her, she accidentally knocked over some uranium and it fell into 17's system. Despite this, Waller continued to build her. When 17's creation was finished, Waller was very pleased with the way she turned out. She turned her on but to her surprise, 17 didn't turn out the way Waller thought she would. instead of being happy, cheerful, friendly and intelligent, 17 was wicked, cold-blooded, immoral, narcissistic, obnoxious and psychotic, not to mention arrogant and sarcastic. 17 loves to cause chaos and she would do it anyway she would like robbing banks, robbing and ransacking houses, committing grizzly acts of homicide,etc. as such Waller angrily scolded her for it and grounded her for 2 months, which 17 wasn't happy with So, she disobeyed Waller's wishes and escaped. She crossed the line when she destroyed a nearby forest and killed almost all of the animals by slicing them in half with her chainsaws. Because of this, she was about to be sentenced to juvenile hall and Waller angrily scolded at her again for destroying the forest and disobeying her wishes. But tables turned when 17 placed one of her chainsaws at Waller's neck and said that she was gonna kill her for being a bossy and ugly insufferable bitch. But as 17 was about to slice Waller's head off, The police came from behind her and put her under arrest, while saving Waller's life. she was sent to the arkham juvenile asylum, there, the other patients would always bully her and make fun of her because of her height and her heterochromia, calling her names such as the "green eyed monster." Feeling uncomfortable, AYA-17 successfully escaped from the asylum 3 days later, taking to the streets of Gotham alone as a wanted fugitive. Suddenly she gets ambushed by a gang of thugs, she then picks a fight with them and engages them in battle, but she gets overwhelmed by their skill. scared for her life, 17 had no choice but to run away in fear, but the thugs chase after her, eventually they catch her and beat her to a pulp. then, the gang leader shows up, takes out a pocket knife, and slashes 17's left eye, leaving her with a scar. AYA-17 cries in pain, then the gang leader stated that was just a taste of what he was gonna do to her. the thugs push 17 up to a wall and just when the gang leader was about to stab 17 in the heart with his pocket knife, she gets saved by Harley quinn, who thought she was a cute little robot. from then on, 17's lived with the Suicide squad and became their newest member.


AYA-17 is a robot girl with a petite figure 8 body shape. She has mocha colored skin with black medium length weave hair tied into numerous braids, the uranium in 17's system caused the ends of her hair to turn ombré green, as well as giving her heterochromia, her left eye is dark brown while her right eye is green, she also has a scar on her right eye. Her outfit is heavily based off of Rena ryuguu from Higurashi: When they cry, which consists of a light purple dress which shows off her panties , with gold trim and a dark purple collar. She also wears black over the knee socks and purple faux go-go boots.


Originally, 17 was supposed to be a friendly happy, cheerful, intelligent and energetic robot to help ARGUS Fight all the bad guys, but an accidental dose of uranium in her system caused her to develop an obnoxious, immoral, wicked, narcissistic, delinquent-like personality with psychotic tendencies. Except for Waller, 17 has friendly relations with everyone in the suicide squad, especially with Harley Quinn who 17 clings to like a lost puppy. Harley always dotes over her, and is a great influence on her, practically becoming her surrogate mother, even though she treats 17 more like a best friend. Poison ivy developed a dislike to her at first because she believed she was getting in the way of her and Harley's friendship, which eventually developed into full blown jealousy, they now have mutual respect for each other. According to AYA-17, Harley never gets mad at her and she never scolds her,unlike Waller who disciplined and yelled at her all the time. Another Suicide squad member who 17 also has a close relationship with is The joker, their relationship is just as close as 17's relationship with Harley. like Harley, 17 loves joker and wants to be useful to him and she might even have a crush on him like Harley does. Joker loves 17 excessively and treats her like a pet. 17 refers to the joker as "Mr Moss-head." Harley is also a bit jealous of her, but despite her jealousy, she's still 17's bestie and wouldn't do anything to hurt her. AYA-17 also has a talent for drawing and ever since she has joined the suicide squad, she has grown an interest in a certain type of art: Anime. despite her psychotic and villainous personality, 17 can get easily overwhelmed and she can cry very easily. 17 also has a number of things in common with Katana, especially their interest in anime and manga, they even have their own manga series that they're working on together. their relationship is a solid one.

Powers and Abilities


Cybernetic Enhancement


Strength level



  • Faulty programming: A mishap in her system caused her to become villainous and psychotic.
  • EMP Blast Electrical Magnetic Pulse will shut her down for a while until she reboots.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Dual Chainsaws(retractable)


  • No special notes.


• AYA-17 is the youngest member of the suicide squad

•17 is the very first member of the Suicide squad who's heterochromatic, meaning she has two different eye colors.{{#if: |

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